Good for Him! Trump Ignores Unconstitutional Sham Impeachment Trial and Enjoys Retirement Playing Golf


    CNN is always reporting on important news, aren’t they? For some reason, they thought that we needed to know that Donald Trump is out golfing in the midst of his own impeachment trial. THIS is the information that they assumed the American people had to have right now. It’s tone-deaf, to say the least.

    Jim Acosta made a lifestyle out of dunking on Trump on Twitter and you can tell he misses him really badly. The man isn’t even president anymore and it seems a bit silly to police his golf outings now. We weren’t fans of the practice before but at least they could pretend that they cared for some sort of legitimate reason.

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    Now, it’s just piling on for the sake of piling on. If we’re not mistaken, we are fairly certain that the liberals were the ones that wanted him to go away. He got stripped of his ability to tweet and they absolutely rejoiced. So what gives now? They need to be happy that he seems content to stay out of the public eye.

    Acosta and his ilk do not want that, though. If things continue to head in this direction, they may have to confront the reality that they were wrong all along. When Trump first got permanently banned from Twitter, we knew this would happen. All of the people who made their bones off picking fights with him were going to struggle to remain relevant.

    Trump does not have to sit home and dutifully watch his own impeachment trial because he already has a strong idea of what is going to happen. There’s no real need to worry about it. The Republicans are not going to be turning on him. Let’s take a moment to face the facts here.

    Do they have a strong candidate who can step up and take his place in 2024? It’s not likely at the moment. If the party decides to betray him, they are only shooting themselves in the foot. They’ll be stuck with Josh Hawley or someone along those lines. We don’t think Hawley’s political career is “over” like the liberals do but we don’t see him as a viable potential presidential candidate.

    Trump or bust! At the moment, it is hard to have any other take. Until the GOP shows a willingness to boost a new candidate or take this impeachment trial seriously, why would he sweat? Jim Acosta probably wanted to see a photo of him hunched over a desk with a furrowed brow, looking very worried.

    Even if Trump was worried about these proceedings, he’s never going to show it to the rest of the world. We are talking about the man who was ready to rip off his shirt when he left the hospital to reveal a Superman S on his chest. He’s not the sort of person who likes to project weakness. Of course, he is going to spend this time golfing and enjoying life.

    What else is there for him to do? Acosta is never going to have a good answer for that one. He cannot tell anyone what Trump “should” have been doing and he would rather criticize him for what he actually did. Meanwhile, there are those who are going to point out the obvious. Trump is actually getting more done while playing golf than his adversaries have accomplished in their entire careers.

    That’s a tough pill for the liberals to swallow and it causes them to come up with all sorts of delusional conspiracy theories. While he should be serving his second term in a fair and just world, that is not the world we live in. In the meantime, someone tell Acosta that he needs to take several chill pills. He’s never going to make it out of the next four years alive if he continues at this rate. We love to watch him squirm, though.

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