Trump on Possible 2024 Run: ‘We’re Going to Do Very Well And People Are Going to Be Very Happy’


    Former President Donald Trump said on this week’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures” that “we’re going to do very well and people are going to be very happy” with his decision on running in the 2024 presidential election cycle.

    Partial transcript as follows:

    TRUMP: I got 75 million votes, the most of any sitting president. Polls today show me way ahead of everybody, not only Republicans, against any Democrat.


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    TRUMP: They want to do anything they can to stop that. These are dirty players. And it shouldn’t happen. It’s a disgrace.

    BARTIROMO: All right, so, the question is, will you make the run again? You said that you know your answer, but you’re not revealing it yet. You ready to get back in that ring and run for president again, sir?

    TRUMP: Well, I do know my answer, but I can’t reveal it yet, and — because that has to do with campaign financing and everything else. You know that. So, I can’t reveal it yet. But I absolutely know my answer. And we’re going to do very well. And people are going to be very happy.

    And, look, I look at cable ratings. I look at the ratings of CNN. They’re down 79 percent.


    TRUMP: MSDNC is down 64 percent.

    I mean, what’s going on?

    BARTIROMO: Yes. All right.

    TRUMP: I think they’re going to come out and endorse me. They will endorse Donald Trump pretty soon, I think.


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