COVID Incompetence or Sinister Plot? Biden Admin Flip Flops on School Openings Under Pressure of Unions and His Progressive Puppet Masters


    They may but the unions are not about to go along with this. The Biden administration is sending mixed messages and it is hard to see where they go from here. According to Dr. Fauci, the teachers cannot reasonably expect to be fully vaccinated when schools start to open their days again. It is flat out not workable.

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    The White House has been left in an awful position. No one seems to know what will come next when it comes to the schools. So far, the Biden administration has not been looking to issue any firm edicts about returning to work. Dr. Fauci’s statements stand in stark contrast with what has been said so far.

    Politico is digging into the latest statements and they concur with this assessment. “If you are going to say that every single teacher needs to be vaccinated before you get back to school, I believe quite frankly that’s a non-workable situation,” Fauci told “CBS This Morning.”

    Fauci’s assessment on Wednesday of vaccination plans for teachers laid down a marker that others in the Biden administration have thus far been unwilling to match amid a heated debate over reopening schools. On CNN Wednesday morning, Symone Sanders, spokesperson for Vice President Kamala Harris, repeatedly declined to answer directly whether teacher vaccinations are necessary to reopen schools, insisting instead that teachers should be “prioritized” for vaccination.

    Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, agreed Wednesday that teachers should “absolutely” be prioritized among essential workers in vaccination efforts.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines say that getting teachers vaccinated offers an “additional layer of protection” but that vaccinations for teachers shouldn’t be required for reopening in-person learning. Instead, the CDC’s guidelines for schools have emphasized social distancing and masking.

    “You should try to get as many teachers as you possibly can vaccinated as quickly as you possibly can,” Fauci said. “But to make it a sine qua non that you don’t open a school until every teacher is vaccinated, I think is not workable, and probably most of the teachers would agree with that … You don’t want to essentially have nobody in school until all the teachers get vaccinated,” Politico reports.

    The Sanders/Berman interview that is mentioned in that excerpt is quite the wild ride itself. Symone Sanders did not want to offer any sort of direct answer on the topic, which caused Berman to start getting frustrated. While Sanders tries to insist that she is being upfront, Berman does not agree. “Okay, we’re not going to get a yes or no answer,” he says, as a means of bringing the conversation to a close.

    Dr. Fauci cannot make any definitive statements because the federal government cannot play much of a role in deciding when schools reopen. They can make recommendations but they are unable to do much more than that. If the unions are not going to play ball and make them look good, the White House is left with little recourse. The teachers’ unions have no motivation to do that at the moment.

    Biden and Harris are going to be left looking mighty foolish if they do not end up getting the teachers’ unions on board with their plan. They need to stop offering up promises when they do not have a clear grasp of the current issues. It’s time for them to head back to the drawing board as soon as possible. The media is starting to notice a certain pattern when it comes to these lies.

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