Donald Trump Is Proven Right Yet Again Regarding Democratic Takeover of America


    Donald Trump is still the majority favorite of conservatives. He has solid supporters and has already proven that he has what it takes to tear down the liberal corruption. No other man in conservative history has done what has in defense of American freedom. The liberals hate the man so much because he stands for what it truly means to be an American.

    At a rally the other night, Donald Trump took to the microphone and gave hope to wise enough people to tune in and listen. He told the people to start now at getting ready for the next election. The country needs to be saved from the liberals trying to tear it all down.

    There must be a Republican majority in the House, Senate, and the White House to put things back the way they need to be for the next several decades. People have to be told to have faith and to remember that their vote does matter. The Democrats might have been able to pull a fast con one time, but they will be hard-pressed to do it again.

    The Republican crowd bolstered the American spirit by chanting loudly, “U.S.A, U.S.A, U.S.A!” the Republican Party was not afraid to play the music “God Bless the U.S.A.” It has become a patriotic marker for all Republicans all around the country.

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    The media hates Donald Trump. During the start of his speech, he noted how the media tried to tell Texans that the state would turn blue. But it stayed red all night long. Donald Trump made sure that they remembered that moment.

    Trump made a vow to the people by saying, “I’ve always fought for you, and I always will. I promise.” As he raised his hand in oath fashion. Trump is a president for the people. He wants to work for them and not for the greedy democrats running Washington right now. They seek to please themselves at the expense of the people.

    The pontes that Donald Trump made were spot on correct. He told the people how progressive Biden has been and how much he was trying to refashion America in a copy of communist China. He stated that “Bernie Sanders is mild by comparison.” The progressive party has bought out the Democrat president by selling his soul to the devil for him.

    The Democrats could not bring themselves to vote for a Republican that had made their lives better. They are so brainwashed that they are told how to vote by their master. They see the word Democrat and blindly put their pen to selection.

    Trump pounded on Joe Biden and his incompetent handling of the border. He stated that “We provided the safest border.” But with Biden, “the entire country has become a border.” He even poked at how Nancy Pelosi has erected a beautiful wall around her private home and office.

    The former president clearly noted that the liberals are trying to tear down the First and Second Amendments. And once they get those two rights abolished, it will just be a matter of time before a liberal institutes marshal law on people and brands all conservatives as enemies of the establishment.

    The Democrats and the progressive like to make themselves look more significant than they are as a party. Trump said, “There’s no way they are 50 percent [of the country,] with all the crazy things they say [on the Left].” They do not represent the majority of voters in America.

    The liberals know how to cheat, and they did it very well in the 2020 election. Trump noted how they used the dropbox method so their couriers could scatter their harvested ballots around with drawing attention to themselves. And how could anyone forget how conservatives were not allowed to attend vote-counting in critical states.

    Trump held nothing back as he rallied the people to get ready to take back their country. He took on the Democrats still sitting in their old seats doing absolutely nothing for the people. But Republicans look out for the people, which is why many liberals are very concerned about what will happen in the upcoming election. They are only looking out for themselves.

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