Texas Democrats Who Fled Capitol have Ultimatum for Texas Gov


    Texas Democrats made headlines when they fled Austin, TX, and their responsibility in order to avoid voting on a bill they didn’t care for. It was cheap, childish, and altogether devoid of consciousness. However, since it got the job done of not having to vote on laws that were very likely going to pass in favor of Republicans, they’ve been lauded as heroes.

    Democrats were able to avoid debating Republicans on the heart of the issues, make a big scene, take a nice trip in an airplane and also get mondo accolades from the only people they think matter: progressives. All in all, it’s a wonder they didn’t try this plan sooner.

    However, since Democrats are *not* the majority in Texas and the capital happens to be under the tutelage of a Republican, Gov. Gregg Abbott, who called the special session which Democrats ran away from, said the governor is less than delighted with the run-away Democrats. But that hasn’t kept them from upping their game, thanks to some of the Texans being diagnosed with COVID-19 on their impromptu vaca to the nation’s capital.

    Apparently, despite widespread vaccinations, several of the lawmakers have contracted COVID-19, and one Democratic Texas legislator has begun to snark on Twitter about a national mask mandate, seeming to indicate that they’re just being punished for Abbott’s irresponsibility with their diagnosis.

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    State Rep. Gene Wu has reportedly used the actions by his own party to push for a national mandate for indoor masks, according to a report in Independent Journal Review.

    “I assume that everyone ‘whistling past the graveyard’ and laughing about Democratic members testing positive have already been fully vaccinated and have no complaints about mandatory masking provisions again,” he wrote.

    “Thank you for all the comments concerning masking,” Wu wrote. “I’ll forward your request to Congress and the White House to ask that we reinstitute a national masking requirement.”

    And in yet another tweet by the lawmaker, he vowed to “personally ask VP Harris and President Biden to institute a nationwide mask mandate for all indoor activities. Thank you. You made this possible.”

    This, after three of the rogue Texas Democrats (all of whom were vaccinated), were infected and had to be quarantined for 10 days according to the Austin American-Statesman.

    Their hierocracy did not go unchecked, however. Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson of Texas pointed to Democrats who posted images of themselves grinning maskless for the camera on their flight to D.C. saying they have only covered the embarrassment of leaving their posts with even more folly.

    “Texas Democrats have made complete fools of themselves during their D.C. vacation,” he said, according to Fox News.“First they abandon their constituents and duties as state legislators and now their hypocrisy rings loud as a few of them have contracted COVID-19,” he said.

    While they may not know it yet, the walk-away lawmakers have made themselves into a laughing stock, not only with their antics at the Capital building but their continued mantra of victim status.

    “These are the same ‘leaders’ who pushed for mask mandates then got on private planes with no masks even though everyone else has to wear masks on planes,” said Jackson, a former White House doctor. “No one should take these hypocrites seriously.”

    There are many more examples of what the Texas Democrats are doing to erode democracy with their actions, but the takeaway is this: there is nothing that you can do to be right in the eyes of a gaslighting narcissist. You cannot make them happy, and whatever they get will never be enough, they’ll always be the victim. And while each individual may or may not suffer from the disorder, as a whole the party is making it more and more evident that their playbook is nothing new. So as my good friend used to say, we need to tread softly and carry a big stick.

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