California Is Planning to Stop Escalating Chemical Abortions on College Campuses


    Many states in America have been passing pro-life laws in recent years, and the abortion industry is frantically looking for ways to circumvent these new laws. The most common focus of those pushing abortion is now through very risky, do-it-yourself chemical abortions. This method leaves the mother enduring the trauma of ending her pregnancy alone in their bathroom with no support or chance for medical follow-up.

    In the state of California, abortion activists have recently passed a law that mandates every public college and university to make abortion pills available to pregnant students without exception. This law will significantly increase abortion on college campuses and will turn every student health center into another Planned Parenthood and the dorms into abortion clinics. The pro-abortion movement seems OK with lying to women and telling them that at-home do-it-yourself abortions are no more dangerous than taking ibuprofen. But the science, however, says otherwise, and women deserve the truth. In fact, 7% of those who have a chemical abortion require surgery, and many experience emotional and psychological damage in the process.

    It was 20 years ago that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved mifepristone (Mifeprex®; also known as RU-486 or simply “the abortion pill”) to chemically induce abortions. The abortion industry has been trumpeting the abortion pill as a low-cost alternative to surgical abortions. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the use of chemicals to induce an abortion increased 114 percent from 2006 to 2015.

    These activists seem to overlook the higher rate of risk compared to surgical abortions and they are pushing the FDA to remove some of the safety standards because they “limit abortion access.”

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    Since 2011, 74 bills to ban or place regulations on chemical abortion have been introduced in 29 states. Of these bills, 21 have been enacted in 14 states.

    These bills typically include some combination of the following key provisions:

    Require that the pre-abortion exam be performed, and the abortion pills are administered, in-person by a licensed physician. (These laws are often referred to as “Skype abortion” bans since without them abortionists can abuse telehealth to dispense chemical abortion drugs without ever physically examining the mother.)
    Require that physicians meet certain certification and qualification standards, including:
    Being certified by an “Abortion Inducing Drug Certification Program” at the state board of pharmacy.
    Being capable of performing an in-person exam to confirm the pregnancy, the absence of an ectopic pregnancy, and determine the gestational age and intrauterine location of the unborn child, as well as document, said information in the patient’s medical chart.

    Require follow-up appointments (minimum of two).
    Require patients to be informed of the “final printed label” (FPL) of each drug.
    Require informed consent for mothers.
    Require reporting of Adverse Event Complications and reporting to the state board of pharmacy.
    Provide a penalty for noncompliance (criminal, civil, and/or professional).
    Create a civil cause of action (i.e., abortion providers who violate the law can be sued).

    To fight the radical pro-abortion movement on its latest campaign in California, some are putting forward and supporting the Protecting Life on College Campus Act of 2021. Under this very practical legislation, institutions of higher education would be ineligible to receive federal funding until they made it unequivocally clear to the secretaries of education and HHS that they are not providing chemical abortion pills to students. This bill is intended to protect vulnerable college women from the abortion industry and also provide the tax-payer from being involved in the business of risky abortions.

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