Biden Makes Huge Mistake with Kamala Harris


    Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are in a fight for their lives to keep from becoming lame ducks. The Democratic Party has failed to achieve anything substantial for the country. And the Senate and House cannot seem to get on the same page politically. And now that 2021 is almost over, they all have started to point fingers and blame one another for failing in politics.

    All of the fighting and finger-pointing is too much to bear for Kamala Harris. She is supposed to be a tie-breaking vote for the Senate, but so far, she still has yet to cast a vote for anything meaningful. 2022 will be the year of the Republicans as they take back the seats that the liberals stole from them in 2022.

    Relying on Harris is like relying on Joe Biden. He is incapable of doing it. And so is Harris with responsibility. She was tasked with solving the border issue, and so far, nothing is done. All she has done is flown over it at 35,000 feet in the air.

    The morale at the party is extremely low. Many of them have withdrawn into their holes, hoping to hide from the public scrutiny long enough to trick their way back into the seats next year. But the Republican Party keeps right on revealing the failures of each Democrat because the people need to know how corrupt they have become as a party.

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    With a dead legislature, it is safe to say the only way Biden can get anything done is with his pen. He has no support from his base, and he cannot win the courts because conservative groups have him tied so tight to illegal laws that he cannot breathe. The president talks about unification but ticks everyone off, so they do not want to work with him.

    The Democrats put themselves in a bad situation. Biden was never fit to be a president. His dementia indeed enabled him to be the confusing front the liberals needed to execute their plan. But they needed someone that could deny attempts to cheat and steal power by ballot harvesting and false counting records.

    But now they are faced with the problem of who to choose in 2024. Kamala Harris was the worst choice that Biden could have made for a running mate. Her failure hand was around his neck like a millstone. And Harris is as worthless as they come, so she will not be a contender at the next presidential election.

    Her failures have pushed her into her hole. She cannot find it within herself to come out and face the music. It is rare to see her mug shot on the news or at any rally. She is an embarrassment to her party and her family.

    For much of Harris’s career, she has not executed any type of substantial effort to get things done. Her trip to the southern border was not fueled because she cares. The reason she made the trip was that Donald Trump was going to show up.

    The Democrat’s top leaders are faltering, which is a terrible sign for the upcoming election. The Republican wave in 2020 is surging, and they are scared to death that they cannot stop it.

    Joe Biden made the worse choice possible for his campaign and party by choosing Kamala Harris to be his running mate. She turned out to be one big flop of a candidate.

    The Democrats had hoped that she would have proved herself to the people to be the next great leader she led them to believe she was. But she pulled the blind folders over their eyes so that she could get a little more power.

    Biden’s lousy choice of a running mate will have hurt his party. He has not worked with them and certainly has not motivated any of them to follow him into battle. And their choice for him to be president was a disaster in the making.

    The Democratic Party is in a mess, and no one owns up to their mistakes. They would rather blame each other so they can save their hides.

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