Tara Reade Calls for “Real Investigation” into Biden


    As you can well imagine, with the recent resignation of Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, numerous allegations of sexual assault has undoubtedly been on everyone’s mind. But more than just speak of the kind of man Cuomo is, the situation also brings up countless other stories where women have alleged mistreatment, and yet they’ve not been heard.

    You know, stories like that from Tara Reade, the former Senate staffer who accused Democratic President of the United States, Joe Biden of sexual assault publicly last year.

    Reade worked for Biden for several years, including 1993, when the supposed assault happened. The office rumor was that Biden was physically attracted to Reade, but naturally, such a relationship was forbidden as he was married and a Delaware senator.

    But apparently, that didn’t matter much to him.

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    Reade’s story claims while the two were at the office late one night, he pinned her up against a wall and penetrated her with his fingers. But, of course, like most sexual assault allegations, no one else was around to testify to either side of the story.

    But there’s nothing about her story or her personal history that says what she said happened couldn’t have. For all intents and purposes, she should be believed or at least taken seriously.

    However, nearly from the moment she opened her mouth against Biden last year, she has been dubbed as a liar and wrong. Naturally, this has much to do with the fact that Biden was running for president when the allegations came out and were believed to be the best shot the Democratic Party had.

    Additionally, he’s also denied the story from Reade, saying that it never happened and is nothing more than a political stunt to get him ousted.

    Now, I’m not necessarily saying that it isn’t. As an American citizen, Biden certainly has the right to be seen as innocent until proven guilty. However, in the same request, there’s nothing to say that Reade also should be believed or at the very least given an ounce of credit.

    As she says, there should be an investigation, just as there was for Cuomo. If Biden is proven innocent, so be it. If not, well, I imagine there will be a reckoning for his sins, whether it is court appointed or not.

    But as of now, no one has offered their help in fighting for her story, not even left-wing advocacy groups such as Time’s Up. As Fox reported, Reade went to Time’s Up back in January of 2020, a full two months before she publicly accused Biden. And while they “offered attorney referrals, she said they denied her funding, citing concerns it could affect its nonprofit 501(c)(3) status.”

    Of course, that may not be the truth of it. Time’s Up co-chair Roberta Kaplan and their CEO were just found to be in cahoots with Andrew Cuomo, trying to cover up and discredit his accusers and save him from disgrace.

    It only makes sense that if they were trying to cover for a man who has since been found pretty much guilty of numerous sexual assault cases and who was once seen as the face of the Democratic pandemic handling, they would also deny or work against anyone who might come against their beloved president.

    So much for helping the women and victims they claim to be…

    And Reade is calling them and Biden out on it.

    She told Fox News on Tuesday, “Time’s Up committed the most hideous betrayal to protect their most powerful friends and not only not protect survivors but cause harm. I hope for justice. Cuomo resigned today and Biden should also resign.”

    All she’s asking for it is the same courtesy that the allegations against Cuomo were given, albeit there are significantly more of them. In addition, it could be argued that the investigation against Cuomo was more about political gain than any real justice, as New York Attorney General Letitia James is rumored to have hopes of taking the recently vacated governor’s seat.

    But that doesn’t mean that evidence was planted or stories made up to get results that would be bad for Cuomo. Instead, it just means that someone had enough willpower, be it just or not, to take Cuomo on.

    Reade is simply asking that someone step up to bat for her and take her claims seriously, although I’m not holding my breath for that any time soon.

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