GOP Rep. Banks: ISIS-K Will Gain Possession of U.S. Military Equipment, One Drone Strike Won’t Stop More Attacks


    On Saturday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) stated that the drone strike against ISIS-K isn’t going to stop further attacks and warned that ISIS-K will end up in possession of U.S. military equipment and use it in “a much more lethal and dangerous way than the Taliban would ever use it.”

    Bank stated, “We would be naive to believe that this one drone strike on an ISIS planner — which, by the way, was successful, and I’m glad he was killed — is going to stop more attacks like what we saw this week. And this is what we have to be prepared for. I mean, the situation on the ground is dangerous. It’s going to — it’s growing in danger.”

    He added, “[T]he Taliban is a Mickey Mouse organization compared to ISIS-K. So, you can bet, right now, that all of this equipment is going to end up, not just in the hands of the Taliban, but that ISIS-K is going to obtain it at some point, and they’re going to use it in a much more lethal and dangerous way than the Taliban would ever use it.”

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