Any More Questions! Even Guatemala’s President Can’t Deny the Truth Any Longer! Border Crisis Is Biden’s Doing (Video)


    Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is currently blaming Joe Biden for the border crisis that is taking place, a border crisis that he is fully responsible for creating. Now, the Guatemalan president is joining on, letting Biden know exactly what he thinks of what is taking place. These two leaders have had enough and rightfully so!

    “I believe that in the first few weeks of the Biden administration, messages were confusing. They were compassionate messages that were understood by people in our country, especially the coyotes, to tell families we’ll take the children,” said President Alejandro Giammatei earlier this week. “And children can go, and once children are there they will call their parents,” he continued.

    Immigrants who are fleeing El Salvador and Honduras have to make their way through Mexico and Guatemala before they can arrive at the United States border. 20,000 unaccompanied migrant children have placed in our custody since Biden elected to open his arms to anyone who wanted to come to the border.

    He’s made a massive mess and it is sad to see other people tasked with cleaning it up. These men already have enough to deal with in their own countries. The pandemic has turned everything upside down. The last thing that they need to endure is a major issue that is being created by none other than Joe Biden himself.

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    Coyotes have been seen at these borders partaking in all sorts of terrible acts. President Alejandro Giammatei slammed the Biden administration for their tactics. Sleepy Joe claimed that things would be more humane now. It does not look that way from where we are sitting.

    “This is not humane behavior,” he said. He is right on the money. Biden is throwing gasoline on a fire right now and anyone who does not see him for what he really is by now is deluded as it gets. He was not done there, either.

    “What I can say is that no government, no matter how large or strong, can have that gigantic apparatus that would be required to address 30 or 40,000 people in detention centers and have all of them in a status where they are claiming refuge. As we explained, many of these issues can be corrected, but we have to work together,” Giammatei continued.

    At long last, someone is ready to speak truth to power when it comes to the atrocities that are taking place at the border. It is sad that foreign leaders have to take time out of their day to state the obvious. We all see it and we all know that it is happening. The interview is a great watch, for anyone who wants to take a closer look at what sensible leadership looks like.

    The current administration does not want anyone to know what is really going on. Confusion is a weapon and they wield it constantly. Biden can’t let people know what is taking place at the border on his own because then he would have to take some level of accountability.

    That’s not what the Democrats do. They make decisions that negatively impact the lives of many, many others and then they sit down to tell them how that decision was the best one to make, actually. Now, Americans are being told that this is our problem to deal with. Foreign leaders and American governors seem to be completely simpatico on this one, though.

    It is Biden’s mess and he needs to be the one that is going to clean it up. He needs to stop trying to pass the buck because it is not going to work anymore. The entire world has caught onto how silly his ideas are. He wanted to pander to the liberals with this move and the decision has backfired on him in every possible way. There’s still plenty of time for him to make the right choice but he does not seem too worried about reversing course…..sad to see!

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