If You’re Against DC Becoming a State, You’re Racist


    Any time that the liberals want to push an issue, they’ll throw out racism to make people feel guilty. You’re either with them or you’re racist. Common sense has gone right out the window.

    Democrats are eager to turn Washington D.C. into its own state. They forget that the Constitution had created this area as a way to establish neutral grounds.

    So, what’s the rush?

    Well, if D.C. becomes a state, they get their own Senators and Representatives. And, since D.C. just happens to be a blue area in the country, it would help to secure a majority.

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    There’s no way that the Democratic Party would be pushing statehood for the District of Columbia if they voted red. This is all a ploy to gain a majority in Congress.

    Yet, we’re not supposed to figure that out. They depend on us to be stupid so that they can cheat right under our noses.

    And Representative Mondaire Jones, a Democrat out of New York, has said that it’s “racist activity” for the GOP to oppose the move to turn D.C. into a state. When the Representative spoke on CNN’s “Smerconish,” he compared the population of the district to that of Vermont or Wyoming.

    What does a state’s population have to do with anything? That would be as if to say that Rhode Island shouldn’t get a vote because it has such a small population.

    For being a Representative, Jones doesn’t seem to understand the basic concept of what Washington, D.C. really is. The U.S. Constitution is clear. There should be a federal district that is under the jurisdiction of Congress. It cannot be a part of any U.S. state.

    But…but…that’s not fair.

    Oh, it’s fair alright. Jones and other Democrats just don’t like it.

    And rather than simply abide by the contents of the Constitution, Jones wants to turn it into another example of systemic racism.

    “And the fact is, and something that I’m hoping people increasingly become aware of is that if you oppose systems of white supremacy, each if you do not consider yourself to be racist you are engaging in a racist activity.”

    Saw what, now?

    Jones believes that it’s not about the Constitution. Instead, he wants to believe that the GOP is against adopting D.C. into statehood because the demographics in D.C are “overwhelmingly peace of color.”

    There it is. He’s dropped the race card.

    There are high demographics of people of color in every state – and the GOP supports them. In some instances, members of the GOP are even representing them. And, there are people of color within the GOP.

    So, it simply cannot be an argument.

    That’s not going to stop Mondaire Jones from calling it a “sinister” thing because the GOP won’t support statehood. He won’t accept the constitutional argument, either, because he believes that people are getting taxed without representation.

    Really? So, when the Constitution reads that Congress handles that, he doesn’t feel that 100 Senators and 435 Representatives from across the nation are capable of representing the needs of DC. He must also forget that DC has a city council, where the needs of the people are regularly addressed.

    Jones picked two states (Wyoming and Vermont) to compare to because they are “overwhelmingly white states.” Hmm, guess that’s why he didn’t choose states like North Carolina, Ohio, or Maryland to compare to, known for having some of the highest black populations.

    It’s just another way for the Democrats to call foul. They want to rig the elections from now until kingdom come – and they’ll throw out the race card whenever it appears as though the GOP will use things like common sense and the Constitution to prove right from wrong.

    D.C. can’t become a state. It simply cannot because of the Constitution. To allow it to enter would mean that every U.S. territory would suddenly want representation, too. It’s not about white supremacy. It’s about adhering to the building blocks of our country.

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