Biden Jumps in Bed With Gavin Newsom As Recall Draws Closer


    Joe Biden’s ineptness continues to grow as it becomes a never-ending saga story for the world to watch. The media is well-trained to present the old man as some fake savior. But his deception works to present him as nothing more than a selfish Democrat looking to make a name for himself in the world.

    The sad president failed with the coronavirus as it surged around the world. Donald Trump left him workable conditions with a vaccine and a way to investigate the surge of death, but he failed to empower people to get the shot. Biden politicized the vaccine to the point that no one trusted him when it came time to get their shot.

    He took the vaccine and tried to divide the country by claiming those that refused the shot were domestic terrorists. He branded them as anti-American. What he failed to understand was that they had already had the virus and were immune. Their patriotism was seen in how they let others get the shot ahead of themselves.

    Biden has perpetuated the virus and failed to rest because his pathetic party needs it around to continue grabbing power from people. They need to continue to make statements of authority because they have lost trust with the American people.

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    Biden’s latest failure to get all Americans out of Afghanistan proves that he does not care about the country. He is controlled by the Islamic squad of four women that seek to socialize America. And for some strange reason, he blocked private parties from entering and pulling people out of harm’s way.

    The failures of Joe Biden are stacking up against him to the point where many Democrats want to distance themselves from the old man. Everyone except the insane politicians such as Gavin Newsom sees Biden as some failed hero.

    Gavin Newsom is sweating it out because of his similar state-level failures. Millions in California want to put Newsom to bed and choose someone else to lead the state. He has failed to fix a lot of the issues that the people are facing. The only thing he has accomplished is the destruction of the essential services in the state.

    Newsom continues to cut out power plants and increase the number of homeless people living in the state. The man is so worried about his position that he has forced himself to call on Joe Biden to come to his aide.

    Jen Psaki crowed about Biden’s trip when she addressed the reporters as the president was headed to New York to look at the damage from the latest hurricane. The old man saw fit to go to a blue state to look at the damage instead of traveling to the country’s area that was hit the hardest.

    Psaki could not give specifics as to when the old president would wheel himself out onto the stage. All she could say was that it would be sometime in the near future. The trip is being taken because Newsom is worried. He is concerned that he will have to move out of the office set up as his dictator throne room.

    September 14 is the day that people will cast their votes. 5.9 million people have already cast their votes. And it stands to reason that the millions that sided the petition make up the bulk of those votes.

    Biden is in the same sinking ship as Newsom. People are seeing just how corrupt the man is now that he has exposed his ignorance. Biden is not the answer to Newsom’s problem. He is going to be that weight that finally drags him to the depths.

    Several high-profile Republicans are breathing down Newsom’s neck as the recall votes come in. Kevin Kiley is one of those individuals. He has voiced his skepticism about Biden being any help to Newsom. The liberal governor has caused too much pain and sorrow for people over the past year. His time is up, and he has to go. Californians need a change and a person in office that is willing to work for the people.

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