Poll: DeSantis, Rubio Dominant Against Potential Challengers in Upcoming Elections


    The survey, taken August 20-24, 2021, among 1,000 eligible voters in Florida, showed Floridians giving the Republican governor a positive approval rating, 47 percent to 36 percent, resulting in a net approval of +11 percent. Additionally, the survey found that 80 percent of Trump voters approve of DeSantis — a higher figure than the 68 percent who approved of Sen. Rubio and 60 percent who approved of Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) in 2020.

    The survey also showed that DeSantis is well-slated to take on his potential Democrat challengers, leading both Rep. Charlie Crist (D-FL) and Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried (D) by 10 percentage points (48 percent to 38 percent).

    Per the survey:

    The areas in which Floridians convey the highest levels of approval of Ron DeSantis’ performance are on the economy (51%) and addressing unemployment (49%). Pluralities also approve of the Governor’s performance on crime/policing (47%), immigration (45%), the environment (45%), and housing (43%). Thus, in each of these policy areas, a higher proportion of respondents approve of Governor DeSantis’ performance than approve of President Biden’s performance.

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    The survey also found Sen. Rubio with a positive approval rating, 42 percent to 33 percent, and leading his potential Democrat challenger:

    Indeed, our hypothetical voting intention polling finds that, after weighting by likelihood to vote, 48% say they would vote for Marco Rubio and 36% say they would vote for US Representative Val Deming, if Demings were to be the Democratic nominee for the Senate seat. Results are similar if former US Representative Alan Grayson is presumed to be the Democratic nominee, with 48% saying they would vote for Rubio and 36% saying they would vote for Grayson. 10% and 11%, respectively, say they don’t know how they would vote in these hypothetical Senate Election scenarios.

    Additionally, the survey found President Biden’s approval under water among Floridians, with 47 disapproving and 40 percent approving.

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