Biden Goes Rogue Sidestepping the Legislative Process


    Joe Biden has done the unthinkable by announcing to the world that he is done working with the legislative process. The impeachable offenses of his executive orders will keep his legal team active in court for the rest of his sorry term. He has not said it with his mouth, but his actions indeed speak louder than his old mouth communicates.

    Biden desires to use his pen to get what he wants. He is frustrated that fellow Democrats cannot get on board with his socialist attempts to bankrupt and ruin that greatest nation on the planet. Several key players have sided with Republicans in standing against his attempt to pass a bankrupting bill designed to flood the country with socialism.

    Biden thinks fighting with executive action is better than trying to unite the country. In short, he wants to take the path of least resistance. Which never works out in the end for all parties involved. And since his thrust is to alienate people and work with communists, it stands to reason that he will end up being the loser in the end.

    Joe Biden is drowning in his filth. He has failed to work with a Congress that was ready to work with him. He has pushed away all Republicans that showed a willingness to debate and compromise with him. But now he is crying that no one wants to work with him, so he is telling everyone he will do it alone.

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    The problem with his approach is that he is not able to do things on his own. There is a legal process that has to be followed in America. And any deviation from that path is illegal and will be challenged in court.

    Joe Manchin is the one Democrat that is playing hardball with Biden. He is unlike any liberals that Biden has ever run across. Manchin is more concerned with what his voters have elected him to do than falling in line with party beliefs. Failure to listen to his voters and do the job they elected him to do will mean his expulsion in the next election.

    The Democrats are coming undone at the seams. They are not as unified as they want people to think they are. Nancy Pelosi has her agenda while Chuck Schumer is sitting back, twiddling his thumbs. And then there is Joe Biden, who cannot remember what day has passed, let alone how the legislative process is supposed to work.

    The Democrats are failing, and people are watching. They remember the good days under Donald Trump. Many voters are ready to cast their vote for a Republican because they can get things done without forcing it on voters who do not want to do what a crazy old president demands.

    The Democratic Party is in control of two branches of the government. One would think that they could at least pass a straightforward bill to get things moving. But Biden alienated everyone right out of the gate. He was so concerned with his position as president that he failed to unite the people behind him. Instead of helping people, he hurt them and then left them to die in Afghanistan.

    And now he wants to force the private sector to give up their right to decide what is best for their health by forcing vaccinations on them. His COVID requirements and international messes are earning him a seat in the trash can. People are tired of his mental brain farts and are ready to clear the air.

    The liberals are so scared that he will say something that would reveal the truth of their plan. His constant mental trips and pointless pandering continue to make the Democrats a laughingstock of the world.

    The fractured Democrats are about to snap as they fight for control and power. Joe Biden is so weary of the fight that he must wield his weight to seize power for himself. His reluctance to try and work with fellow Democrats has marked him as a powerless dictator that has to force people to obey with a pen.

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