US Military Plans a Display to Ensure Taliban Doesn’t Get Any Crazy Ideas


    President Biden has promised to remove the troops out of Afghanistan by September 11. Although there are some Republicans who are fearful of such a move, the military is working to ensure that it will not give the Taliban any ideas.

    Republican Representative Liz Cheney has been one of the most outspoken against the removal of troops. She’s afraid that it will be a threat to U.S. security and that the Taliban will be given the opportunity to strike.

    Military forces are well aware of the threats – and they’re working to protect the Afghanistan pullout in a number of ways.

    Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has already acknowledged that an aircraft carrier will be kept in the Middle East. This will be a way to protect not only American troops but also coalition ones. This way, as the withdrawal continues over the coming weeks, it will ensure that the Taliban cannot strike.

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    It’s important that the U.S. be cautious. While removing the troops has been a longstanding goal, it cannot be done if it compromises U.S. security. As such, the utmost care has to be used – and this includes exerting control at all times.

    Austin has approved the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower to be deployed in the Middle East for a “period of time.” This ensures that there’s no known date of it being removed. Further, there’s heightened security throughout the region, including the arrival of two U.S. Air Force B-52 bombers.

    John Kirby, a spokesman, has said “It would be foolhardy and imprudent not to assume that there could be resistance and opposition to the drawdown by the Taliban, given their staunch rhetoric.”

    Various senior defense officials have been discussing the withdrawal plan as a way to ensure that all scenarios have been considered.

    All of the moves made so far have backed up the public assurances made by the Pentagon that U.S. forces will be prepared for any resistance that the Taliban may present.

    While the Taliban has yet to be vocal with any threats, it is anticipated. The U.S. will be withdrawing over 10,000 U.S. and coalition troops between May 1 and September 11.

    General Frank McKenzie, the head of U.S. Central Command has already said that the Taliban should be ready for the U.S. to be “well-prepared to defend ourselves.”

    As we approach the withdrawal date, more military equipment arrives on site. Much of it serves as a deterrent, though there are plenty of troops nearby who can be activated in the event that the Taliban chooses to strike.

    The only thing that the Taliban has said regarding Joe Biden’s announcement of ending the war and withdrawing troops by September 11 is that they wanted Washington to stick to an agreement made with the Trump administration. That would mean that troops would have been withdrawn by May 1.

    This means that there’s the question of what they may do if they feel as though that agreement is being adjusted. Since Biden is essentially telling the Taliban that it will take another six months to get U.S. and coalition troops out of the area, they could feel the need to interfere.

    It’s not uncommon for the military to send extra troops into the area to help with withdrawal. It happened in December when troops were removed from Somalia. Now, it will happen again in Afghanistan.

    Further, hundreds of Army Rangers have been deployed to the area as a way to provide additional security.

    Essentially, the military is ready. They’re prepared to back up Biden’s decision to remove the troops. They were prepared to do it when Trump had announced it in 2020, too.

    Now, assuming that the Taliban doesn’t decide to do anything stupid, we’ll be able to get our troops home. We can put the war behind us and move on to other issues that are happening on U.S. soil and around the world.

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