The Rules for Women Roll Out from the New Taliban Government


    We were told that this “new” regime of the Taliban would be different. Women and children would be treated differently. They would be given more rights.

    Well, the new rules have rolled out for the women in Afghanistan. The new Taliban government seems to be hell-bent on limiting what women can and cannot do. While it’s not as strict as it was 20 years ago, it still leaves a lot to be desired.

    Women will still be able to study in universities, but there’s a big but that follows that allowance. The classrooms will be segregated by gender and Islamic dress will be compulsory.

    The higher education minister within the new Taliban government has recently issued the new policies.

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    This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. No one expected the Taliban government to show any kind of real accommodations for the women. Further, the new rulers have formed an all-male government. This, too, is no surprise – but it does mean that they are showing the world that they are not interested in a woman’s opinion.

    The Taliban has been quick to set up the government in Kabul – and even raised their flag over the presidential palace this past Saturday.

    We know who the new leaders of the country are – but there are still many countries around the world that are slow to recognize the new leaders.

    Are we going to allow the Taliban to come in and declare themselves the leaders? More importantly, are we going to allow them to create rules that set women back by decades?

    Throughout the 1990s, the Taliban committed a number of human rights violations. They also denied women an education and excluded women from public life.

    Oh, but they’ve changed.

    No, they really haven’t. The world has been keeping a close eye to see what the Taliban has been doing.

    Women may get to have an education but they’re still banned from sports. The Taliban has also been resorting to violence when women protesters have taken to the streets to demand equal rights.

    Abdul Baqi Haqqani, the higher education minister, made it clear that “we will not allow co-education.” As for what subjects will be taught to women, that is still being reviewed. Haqqani has said that he wants graduates of Afghan universities to be competitive with those from the rest of the world – but women may not be allowed to study certain subjects.

    As for the question of women being a part of the government, it was said that “it’s not necessary that women be in the cabinet.”

    The Taliban government has spoken. They’re interested in women giving birth and raising children. As for anything else, there’s really no need for women – in sports, in government, or in any part of public life.

    Prior to the Taliban takeover, men and women went to universities together. They studied side by side and women didn’t have to abide by a dress code.

    Women aren’t going to be able to make this shift overnight – yet the Taliban may continue their violent ways for those who don’t comply with the new rules.

    This means we have to watch and wait. Will the Taliban violate human rights? They’re already signaling that it’s a possibility…so what are we going to do about it?

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