Here Comes The Wall…Thanks, Texas!


    Texas has decided to step in and take care of everything that the Biden administration has abandoned – including building the wall. The U.S. has pretty much decided to leave the southern border alone. The only problem is that it’s allowing tens of thousands of migrants to enter the country illegally every month – and many enter through Texas.

    Governor Greg Abbott has asked the Biden administration for help – only to get ignored. So, he decided to do what he had to do. He’s getting the wall built so that he can protect the state from illegal migrants.

    The Texas Facilities Commission is simply waiting on approval from commissioners.

    There are 733 miles that Texas officials have identified where a wall can be built. Border barriers will be built along these miles so that there’s some kind of deterrence in place. Otherwise, illegal migration will continue to occur since Kamala Harris is still exploring the “root causes” of migration.

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    The state has chosen to build on land that is privately owned by residents. The reason for this is to avoid litigation. Otherwise, it would have to be built on federal land – and this was a point of contention during the Trump administration.

    Abbott has said that he would be raising funds to build the border wall. Since fundraising began in June, over $50 million in private donations has been obtained. This proves that people are serious about the wall and the desire to end illegal immigration.

    One of the top areas that will be concentrated on is Del Rio. With the massive increase in illegal border crossings throughout this area, a wall will make a significant difference.

    There will also be a deployment of added law enforcement resources. After all, the state has to do something considering there’s been so much crime and economic downfall as a result of the constant flow of migrants. Additionally, the Del Rio area is dealing with COVID outbreaks because those being released by federal border officials aren’t even being tested.

    Abbott has promised that the law enforcement officers will be arresting any migrant who violates Texas laws – and that includes both trespassing and criminal mischief.

    The Biden administration may be willing to ignore the southern border crisis. However, Abbott and the rest of Texas know that it has to be dealt with – and fast.

    The Texas Legislature has even gone as far as passing $1.8 billion in added funds for the purpose of building a border wall along with other physical barriers. There are 1250 miles of the Texas-Mexico border – and only 150 miles of that have a physical barrier in place.

    Perhaps if Washington DC was located in Del Rio, there would be more of an effort to squash immigration. However, since DC is located 1700 miles away, it’s easy for them to take the “out of sight, out of mind” approach.

    Abbott doesn’t want to subject Texans to any more illegal immigration. People are growing tired of the crime rates rising, the immigrants coming for the minimum wage jobs, and causing general overcrowding on the housing market – or adding to homelessness.

    Texas isn’t going to wait around for the Biden administration to build a wall. If they were to wait, it would never happen. Texans are doing what they have always done – they’re getting the job done themselves.

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