Joy Reid Tries to Shove Words into Republicans’ Mouths…


    It’s always frustrating when a liberal tries to shove words into the mouths of Republicans – especially when they’re the furthest thing from the truth.

    According to MSNBC host, the reason that Republicans don’t want to get the COVID vaccine or wear masks is that we want the virus pumping through our veins.

    She goes on to say that “You love COVID so much you want it to spread into schools, at the office, in the Walmart, on the cruise ships, and at the club.”


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    Joy Reid does not have a medical background. She did not major in science. Instead, she has been a journalist for the past two decades – and she’s gotten to be where she is today because she’s got a big mouth who isn’t afraid to say whatever is in that crazy head of hers.

    She’s insulting a lot of people at the moment. More, though, she’s insulting people’s intelligence.

    Everyone is capable of spreading COVID. Those who are vaccinated are still capable of being carriers. The reason that we’re still where we are is that there are people who are unvaccinated as well as because the coronavirus continues to have multiple strains.

    It’s new. It’s a new virus and we’re still learning how it’s evolving. We’re learning what vaccines can and cannot do to protect us.

    No one is choosing not to get vaccinated because they love COVID – and it’s a stupid thing for Reid to say.

    There’s another issue that should be identified. Joy Reid wants to blame the low vaccination rates on Republicans. That’s not exactly the case. People like her need to stop making it so political.

    The reality is that, as a black woman, she should know that there’s a significant amount of hesitancy to get the vaccine within the black communities. Decades ago, vaccines were tested out on black people. As such, there’s a lot of mistrust – and it’s easy to see why they might show hesitance to get jabbed by a vaccine that hasn’t even been out for a full year.

    The CDC shows that white, non-Hispanic people in the U.S. are leading the charge for getting the vaccine – sitting at over 60 percent for at least one dose. As for the Black, non-Hispanic, they are at under 20 percent for at least one dose.

    By the very admission of President Biden, you “ain’t black” if you didn’t vote for him. That means that the majority of black people are Democrats. So, if there’s anyone who loves COVID coursing through their veins, it would seem as though Black Democrats are the ones to blame for why we’re still in this mess.

    However, we’re not in the habit of pointing fingers. Joy Reid certainly isn’t going to call out her people. So, as a way to deflect, she points her finger at the Republicans.

    Reid has turned this whole thing into a political issue by calling Republicans “weirdos” because everyone else except for them “hates COVID.”

    Well, we’ve proven her wrong. It’s not the Republicans that are the problems in terms of getting vaccinated. We simply believe that we should have lax policies so that everyone can decide what is right for them. We’re not the one’s name-calling. Yet, Reid has made her entire career of calling people out without bothering to look at a statistic or reference anything that is based on scientific truth.

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