The People of California Got What They Deserve! More Lockdowns, Vaccine Mandates and More Crime


    We have to wonder if we are witnessing a case of people getting exactly what they deserve or not. The timing may also be coincidental, so there is always that to consider. According to Fox News LA, Los Angeles County is currently planning on instituting a series of new COVID-19 measures.

    If these measures are issued, you will have to show proof of vaccination to enter indoor bars, nightclubs, lounges, breweries, and wineries in Los Angeles County. Even the larger outdoor events are going to be covered here as well. If you are planning on attending an NFL or MLB game in Los Angeles County, you’ll need to be vaccinated or provide proof of a negative test that has taken place within the past 72 hours.

    These new policies are being made in the wake of the recent California recall election. The incumbent, Gavin Newsom, was able to hold onto his position. There was a significant lack of “yes” votes. Larry Elder and the other potential replacement candidates never did get a chance because Newsom was never going to face an official recall.

    This is not an outcome that most California residents should want to live with. These elections come with severe consequences and those who do not agree with them are still forced to endure them. This election was rigged in the same manner as the 2020 presidential election. LA County Public Health Director, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, has already stated that the mandates are coming.

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    Larry Elder and the other candidates were the last hope in this regard. The order is going to go into effect by October 7 and it is going to be issued by week’s end. The customers are not the only ones who are currently going to be bothered by the new policy. Employers are also being forced to get vaccinated.

    The mandates have made it so that the jabs are going to be forced on people. The first dose must be taken by the 7th of October and the employees will have until November 4th to get the second shot. Individuals and businesses do not even know what the penalties are going to be if they are not vaccinated. That’s a terrible place for people to be in, especially as the mandates ramp up more and more.

    There are other restrictions that have been put back into place in Los Angeles, as well. Health officials have already put mask mandates in place for public gatherings. The Los Angeles County School District is also mandating vaccinations for all students who are 12 and above. We should have known that this would be the case once the FDA approvals came down but that seems quick.

    This is what happens when the will of the people falls by the wayside for good. Los Angeles County is playing a dangerous game, as they continue to ignore the greater consensus. They want to pander to the liberals at all costs. Newsom cannot be protected forever. Eventually, he is going to have to face the music for what he has done to this state.

    The government has no fear in its hearts. That’s why they believe that they can bully the American people like this. No one is being allowed to make the decisions that they think are best for them at this point. Instead, things are being forced on people with the implicit threat of taking away an important aspect of their life in the process.

    This goes for education, employment, and any other number of human comforts. There is no shame in their game whatsoever. If you do not go along with the vaccine Gestapo on this one, you are going to lose out on a whole lot. While this is not happening in every state at the moment, we are more than sure that it will become the norm before too long. Don’t say that we did not warn you.

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