Former President Trump: ‘Biden Has Thrown Our Border Wide Open’ ‘This Is an Invasion!’


    Trump said:

    Joe Biden has thrown the border wide open and our country is being invaded by hundreds of thousands of people every single month. Every month we have hundreds of thousands of people coming and we don’t even see the people that are really coming in, and I guarantee you they’re the worst of all.

    The world is coming into our country. They’re emptying their prisons into our country. I used to say from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, but now it’s from many countries all over the world including the Middle East. They’re emptying their prisons into our country. We’re having people coming into our country that we do not want.

    The 45th President honed in on the crisis in Del Rio, Texas, stating, “Our country is being turned into a migrant camp.” He would add that “tens of thousands of illegal immigrants have overrun our borders in recent days while laughing in the faces of our border patrol agents.”

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    “According to one report, over 220 miles of the area near Del Rio is now completely and totally just absorbed by people, but totally unpatrolled. The police are saying. ‘What do we do?’ This is an invasion!” Trump did not specify which report he was citing.

    The former President went on to illustrate the contrast between his administration’s success in handling illegal immigration at the southern border in comparison to the failed policies of the Biden Administration:

    When I was in the White House illegal aliens knew that if they broke our laws and trespassed across our borders they would be caught, they would be detained, and they would be thrown out of our country very rapidly. So they didn’t come, they didn’t come because it was not worth the trip, and then you have to go back. It wasn’t worth the trip.

    “Under my administration, we ended catch and release. We shut down asylum fraud. We struck historic agreements with Mexico and Central American nations to stop illegal immigration, and we deported dangerous criminal aliens by the tens of thousands. including MS-13 killers. We got them out by thousands. We built almost 500 miles of powerful border wall,” and “We created the most secure border in the history of the United States of America.”

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