Lines of Morality Drop as High School Students Are Bribed Into Getting COVID Shot


    The liberals have taken the pandemic to the extreme with their insane lockdown rules and pushy practices. Donald Trump had come to the rescue and saw the nation through the most challenging time in the last 100 years. But now that he is taking a break from a few years, the liberals are back to making a mess of things for everyone.

    On the local level, the liberals have twisted rules so much that they no longer make sense. One high school in Port Townsend, Washington, decided to try and bribe their students to get the COVID-19 shot for community service required for graduation.

    Not only do the liberals twist the truth, but they also want to force people to do things that they do not want to do by bribing them or forcing them to comply.

    The high school in question is the Chimacum Junior/Senior High School. All of the students received a letter stating that if they were to get the shot, they would not have to complete their 55 hours of community service. Community service is required for the student to be able to get their diplomas.

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    The school is making this decision out of fear. The liberals live in fear of a virus that is no longer infecting people at the rate in which it once did. For this school to force students and bribe them with graduation is a Democratic mess.

    One report noted that “The school emailed students this week with ideas. Students can pick up litter, attend an online school board Zoom meeting, or write a letter to a newspaper editor. But one community service option caught a parent’s attention: getting the COVID vaccine.”

    And if that was not enough, the school even decided that the students would not get the total number of credits needed to graduate. They decided that they would only get 25 credits for getting jabbed in the arm and shot up with an untested vaccine in children.

    David Carthum is the school principal, and he said that “At CJSHS, we are providing our students with opportunities to improve their community in ways accessible to them given the circumstances of this pandemic. Vaccination is just one of the voluntary ways that students can choose to fulfill this requirement. We know that immunization helps protect our community, which is why we call it a service.”

    The students should be given all or nothing for taking the risk of getting the shot. But the point of bribing students to get the shot, so people are immune is the same thing as forcing someone to get the shot with peer pressure. Deep down, the Democrats are hoping that students will force others to get it as well.

    The principal state that the students are not being forced. But they are being bribed. Carthum stated that “There is no coercion; students can choose any of the options or suggest their own.”

    Some parents are irked that the school is trying to force students to get the shot apart from their parent’s direction and medical doctors.

    One angry parent said, “There are many in our communities who don’t look at a COVID-19 vaccine as a necessary risk for their healthy children to partake in, and this may undermine that position. These decisions (health decisions) are for parents and families to make alone and should not be incentivized by public entities such as the public school system.”

    The liberals running the school are pitting students against their parents by bribing them into getting a shot without consent. Some students are just going to sign their parent’s names and never tell them that they got the shot.

    The school does not have the right to intercede and meddle with the student’s health. But it is just like the Democrats to divide the home and put kids against their parents. For some reason, they believe they can raise kids better than their parents. The only job the school has is to teach and educate the students. But when they think they are the source of life, they are going to meddle with kids and force them against their parents.

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