OMG! Project Veritas Proves Biden Admin Hiding Adverse Vaccine Effects


    The #CovidVaxExposed series that Project Veritas has been cooking up is sure to destroy a lot of perceptions. We are also willing to bet that the mainstream media will be upset, too. Jodi O’Malley, a federal whistleblower who works for the Health and Human Services, is blowing the lid off this whole thing.

    She has secret recordings that reveal the truth behind the COVID-19 vaccines. “‘The government doesn’t want to show the COVID vaccine is full of s—,’ said an ER doctor who is currently working for the HHS. ‘They want to shove adverse effect reporting ‘under the mat.’ One nurse says that she has seen plenty of people getting sick because of the vaccines.

    “No one is writing the VAERS report because it takes a half an hour to write the damn thing,” she says. Biden does not care about these adverse reactions. He would rather force the vaccine mandates on people anyway. Luckily, we are prepared for the moment when Twitter decides to delete the videos.

    That’s why we have gotten a backup copy from our good friends over at the Gateway Pundit. We cannot wait until all of the lawsuits start to roll in. Judges from all over the country have been doing everything in their power to block the mandates. They know that Biden is not in the right here.

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    What will it take before everyone else decides to fall in line? Biden is not even giving people the chance to make their own decisions anymore. He is taking that privilege out of our hands. In fact, it seems pretty hypocritical from where we are sitting. This is the same man who claimed that he would be willing to unite the country.

    Instead, he came up with a policy that is sure to be as divisive as ever. Right now, only about 54 percent of the country is vaccinated and we are sure that these numbers are being fueled by mandates. If half of the country is not looking to get vaccinated, that should tell Biden that there are some serious issues with the current state of affairs.

    The government cannot be trusted in these instances because their motivations are very clear. They do not care if Americans die or fall ill. At this point, Americans are being faced with two very distinct choices. They can either receive a vaccination that they are highly skeptical about or they can grapple with the loss of their job. It’s an impossible position to be placed in.

    Biden knows it and that’s why he is twisting the knife. At this point, the gauntlet has been laid down. Get vaccinated or you will get left behind by a government that could not care less about you. This is what the great uniter has planned for us.

    To be fair, we think that the numbers will also continue to rise once vaccinations are being provided to children who are under the age of 12. On the other hand, this is set to be the next battleground. Once the FDA approval has been offered for those vaccinations, good luck getting your children into any school that is worth a darn without their jabs. Parents who are hesitant had better make their plans now.

    Homeschooling is going to skyrocket in the years to come. To make matters even worse, it appears that all of the governments across the world are in on this. There is nowhere else to go. Americans are on the verge of being considered pariahs, especially those who are not vaccinated.

    Biden is creating an entire class of ostracized people and he is startlingly okay with it. He even had the nerve to talk tough to those who are still waiting to find out if these vaccines have serious long-term effects. That’s how low he thinks of anyone who wants to seek out their own information. Kudos to Project Veritas for stepping up to fill the void.

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