Trash Takes Over Streets of New York City As Vaccine Mandate Cans Workers

    By Kraft74/

    The only possible thing that could stink worse than a Democrat in New York City is Biden’s vaccine mandate is causing trash to pile up around the city. The vaccine mandate is an illegal order issued by the president that forces people to give up their choice and forces them to fall into line and roll up their sleeves. Many people do not want or need the shot because they are already immune. But Biden does not care because all he cares about is control.

    The city sanitation workers are under the gun just like all other workers to comply with the illegal order. Biden order states that those who do not comply by the expired date are fired or put on leave. Either way, the trash is not being collected, and it is starting to show.

    NBC News broke the story when they reported that “Missed collections were reported in Staten Island and Brooklyn. And residents have taken to social media in outrage over the accumulating garbage and to raise concern that the slowdown is intentional in protest of the vaccine mandate.” Not only are there people losing their jobs, but the rest of them are protesting.

    Biden lover Bill de Blasio gave city workers until October 29 to get the vaccine, or they could not report to work. Managers and supervisors are ticked off and tell the sick mayor that missed collections are not an option. Whatever their plan is, they are not telling a soul. The mayor tried to guilt the workers by stating that “Anyone who is not doing their job, you’re harming your fellow sanitation workers, and you’re harming your neighbors, and you’re harming your city. And it’s time to stop.”

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    But he is the one that brought the fight to the streets. He is the one that ordered people to give up their freedoms and adopt a socialist reign in New York City.

    The Democrats are not going to stop with one vaccine. They will continue to make orders for people to comply with their wishes if people do not take a stand and tell them to get out.

    Not all city workers are vaccinated. The Daily Wire reports that “NYC is struggling to get city workers vaccinated after implementing a mandate. The city could lose up to 30% of its police force and fire department now that the deadline to receive the vaccine has passed.”

    The New York Times found out that “New York City took one of its most aggressive steps yet to increase vaccination rates in a city that was once the epicenter of the pandemic, requiring almost every member of the nation’s largest municipal workforce to get vaccinated by the end of the month or lose their paychecks.”

    The mayor threatens people with their paychecks unless they stop protesting the power grab and roll up their sleeves. The pandemic is no longer the reason for the insane pus for the vaccine. Democrats are at every level of government demanding that people give up their right to choose. The vaccine is just a weapon that they can use to force people into compliance.

    The workers that are protesting the shot would have reported working, except they would not be paid. The routes they normally run were left open, and not one single piece of trash was picked up. The smelly Democrats are showing how stinky they are by forcing people to give up their freedoms.

    The sanitation department is not the only entity affected by the liberal’s power grab. The city’s firefighters and emergency dispatchers are on the chopping block. The refusal by these heroes to be vaccinated will mean less help when people need it the most. But de Blasio does not care and is sticking to his guns.

    The liberals think that they make all the rules and force everyone to submit to their whims. But voters are angry and cannot wait for the 2022 election to arrive to kick out the liberals and lame-duck Joe Biden.

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