McCain: ‘For the Left,’ Governor in Blackface Better than Conservative Black Woman as Lt. Gov.


    Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” Daily Mail (U.K.) columnist Meghan McCain discussed the left’s reaction to Winsome Sears, a black Republican woman, elected Virginia’s lieutenant governor.

    MacCallum said, “I thought this was stunning. This is from ‘Saturday Night Live,’ they went off on Winsome Sears on the Update segment of ‘SNL’ the other night. Watch this.”

    Comedian Michael Che said, “Republican Winsome Sears seen here was elected as Virginia’s first Black female lieutenant governor. This is a win for Democrats because nothing will get Republicans to support the gun control faster than this picture.”

    MacCallum said, “What do you make of the backlash against her?”

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    McCain said, “I think it’s awful. It’s a historic moment in the fact that she’s a Republican, and by the way, a veteran should be getting much more applause. If she were a Democrat, she would be on Rolling Stone magazine. Instead, she’s a punch line on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ She’s offered to go on shows like Joy Reid and have a conversation about her beliefs. They have not invited her on. It’s disgraceful. I’m excited that she’s my lieutenant governor, and it’s just a glaring example of the hypocrisy of the left. Everyone is someone that should be celebrated, any woman in office is someone that should be celebrated unless they’re a conservative woman. But it doesn’t matter because those of us see it for what it is, and it is a historic moment. And I have high hopes for the kind of leadership she’s going to bring into Virginia.”

    MacCallum said, “She doesn’t count. The boxes that are being checked are apparently not of note to some people. We’re going to talk more in our podcast that’s coming up.”

    Referencing former Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s racist photo in his medical school yearbook, McCain said, “Wait, really quickly. It’s better to have a blackface governor who appeared in blackface and/or a Klan’s outfits than have a first conservative black woman as lieutenant governor. That’s what’s OK for the left right now.”

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