Biden Refuses to Say When He Will Get a Physical

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    With Biden’s 79th birthday coming up on November 20th, it’s getting time for that physical exam to see how fit he really is. Yet, this is something the White House has been promising he would get done since this past May, with Press Secretary Psaki claiming it would be done ‘soon.’

    With how transparent Biden and his crew of flunkies claim to be with the American people, he loves taking his sweet time getting things done. Especially getting things done that could help ease the minds of millions (and millions) of Americans both here and abroad. Given that his last publicly acknowledged physical was in December of 2019 at 77, it’s now long overdue.

    When pressed about this last week, Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Tuesday she had no update about an upcoming physical for the president.

    “I don’t have anything for you…That is going to happen and once it does we will be transparent about it, we will make sure to get this done and share it with all of you when it happens.”

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    While this refuses to nail down a timetable from anyone in the White House, it is still progress towards reassuring the minds of Americans.

    Per a recent Rasmussen poll, 58% of voters question how physically and mentally fit Biden is for the office of President of the United States. Given his triple fall going up the steps of Air Force 1 back in March, his recent inability to understand the proper time and place for things like checking his watch, and his declining linguistics, there is a lot to be concerned about.

    Yet for the Biden camp, this is just business as usual.

    Considering his flip flop on major issues over the years, the frequent finger-pointing at the right, and his ability to change to the topic at the drop of a dime, it would seem like Biden is hoping his collection of left-wingers will help keep the eyes off of him until he can regain some sense of mental and physical footing and reclaim his spot at the top of the left’s looney bin.

    However, for the rest of the American people who have heard the pop his current predicament is especially troubling. We want a President who has his full faculties and knows what he is doing at all times. We need a President who has the best interests of ALL Americans at the forefront of his thoughts, not just individual groups, and his own party.

    This is not the President we currently have sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Nor is it the person waiting in life for her possible turn in the chair.

    Instead, we need to have change come back to America; to make it great again. Will we accomplish that in 2024? Will we have a prayer of at least getting a taste of it during the midterms of 2022?

    Well, if the special election of 2021 is any indication, the polls from Rasmussen are right; the people don’t trust Biden and don’t trust anyone aligned with him. This could make 2022 interesting.

    Mind you, things will be even more interesting if he fails to get his physical or fails to share the results with the American people. The longer we wait the more interesting it becomes, and the less American’s trust the President or his people.

    While it’s refreshing to see his supporters finally know how the rest of the world feels about Biden, it’s a disgusting feeling at the same time as it also means the rest of the world knows how feeble and frail this man has become. Both physically and mentally.

    If you were looking to take a stand against America, wouldn’t Biden seem like the most opportune target?

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