Biden Finds the Smoking Gun Behind His Record Inflation, Home Shopping

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    Inflation has been destroying the American economy since COVID hit. While Trump did a stellar job in combating it, his successor Good ‘ol Sleepy Joe Biden has been embracing it as a fact of life and seems to even be proud of it at times. Despite this, he has been perplexed about what caused it. Coming back from his recent trip to Europe for climate conferences, he finally found the root cause for inflation, home shopping.

    Yes, you read that right. People buying more things is what caused inflation. Yet he tries to explain this away and it’s just pitiful. “And because of the strength of our American recovery American families have been able to buy more products. But guess what, they’re not going out to dinner and lunch and going to local bars because of COVID. So what are they doing? They’re staying home and ordering online and buying product. Well with more people with money buying product and less product to buy, what happens? The supply chain is the reason and the answer is you guys, and I’ll get to that in a minute. What happens? Prices go up.”

    Let this sink in. People are buying more, but there is less available because people are staying home and not out in restaurants and bars. The idea that money needs to be spent in the flesh to count towards our economy is an interesting thought though. By that logic, online shopping shouldn’t change how our dollar is valued, and most importantly we should see no effects right? Apparently not. Somehow it creates more demand and somehow the supply is neglected from that increased demand.

    How is this even considered a lucid argument or idea? How is this not resulting in Biden being mentally tested for his ability to understand basic economics or even the duties of his office? This is beyond shameful; this is downright embarrassing to be an American with him as a leader. Some mean tweets are small potatoes compared to horrible economics and making the entire country look right for the taking.

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    This many cannot accept responsibility for his failures. He failed to protect America from racially divisive and horrific policies that created a nation of victims. He failed to protect the American people from the realities of Obamacare and instead fed all of us to the dogs. Now he is failing to protect our economy from ever-increasing inflation with a horrific infrastructure plan. His system of giving my supporters and cronies positions has completely destroyed the American way of life.

    If America does not act to get Biden gone soon, we will find our country taking one of the biggest losses ever recorded in history since Rome burned. He has no touch with reality at this point and is proud of not only his discovery but also of how high he has caused inflation to rise. The people who claim the President has no part in it, then why were they celebrating it so much under Obama; ignoring it or giving Obama credit when it was under Trump; and now denying it under Biden? The answer to this is simple; the people who are in love with Biden have no clue how the economy works, what the impact of the President can have (directly and indirectly) on it, and how the world sees this country as a whole since Biden took hold.

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