Pence Ready to Toe the Line Against Trump To Endorse Republicans in Primaries

    By Gino Santa Maria/

    Republicans In Name Only or RINO’s are the epitome of everything hardline voters hate. They have enough leftist policy support to swing some of their people over, and enough disdain for some conservative policies to push away the loyal right. Unsurprisingly, these RINOs are crucial to the campaigns and states being red as they are leaving the Democrat policies behind, or struggling to stay on board the train.

    As such, former VP Mike Pence is ready to step up against former President Donald Trump to endorse these RINOs. Many of them are already in office, and Trump has pledged his support against them staying in office after he left the White House. Make no mistake about it, Trump is ready for change, and since they didn’t want to help him when he needed it why should they stay now?

    One of the RINO Governors is Larry Hogan, a Republican from Maryland. You may remember him from his push for people to get vaccinated, and his lack of efforts to provide a real improvement to Baltimore. In his viewpoint, Trump challenging them in a primary is simply “outrageous, unacceptable and bad for the party.” Unfortunately for Hogan, this is part of what being a Governor or sitting in any publicly elected office is all about; the best person for the job. Just because you were the best 4 years ago doesn’t mean someone isn’t a better choice now.

    With Pence stepping up to toe the line with Trump, he has developed a few soundbites on the topic, but he said it best when he said it to the Republican Governors Association this past week. “I want to be clear, I’m going to be supporting incumbent Republican governors.” This statement is simple, direct, boring, and the status quo. Everything that Mike Pence represents.

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    As Pence goes on supporting the incumbent selections for office, he is trying to keep the old blood in; the blood that weakened the party over the generations and turned the younger voters against the ideas of the right. Their actions got people to hate capitalism and money. All because they don’t like what the incumbents stood for. Trump knew that and that’s what got him in office, and now this may help get many others in office too.

    Pence making this proclamation is nothing more than making the RGA feel good. They fear change and the change we got under Trump REALLY scared them because it was so different from anything they had seen before; now after Biden stole the last Presidential election they don’t want anything else possibly changing what they have now.

    This is all a great shining example of why we have Primary elections for people who are already in office. We need to ensure we are putting our most potentially successful, right for our people, and best for our jurisdiction people in the office. These ensure that happens. Yet that concept is bothersome to Pence. You must ask yourself why that is.

    Could he fear change? Is he afraid of someone so different taking a big office again (like Trump did with him)? Could it be he feels they are too hard to control and as such we have to worry about what they do while there? Only time will tell what the great RINO hunt of 2021/2022 will produce, but no matter what the fireworks are just getting ready to start and they promise to be some big ones!!!

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