Piers Morgan: Fauci Should ‘Put His Ego Away,’ ‘Shut the F*** Up’


    In a lengthy op-ed for the Daily Mail, Morgan asserted that Fauci’s latest brush with partisanship during his interview on CBS’s Face the Nation – where he singularly referred to himself as science’s lone representative – will alienate half the country, undercutting his so-called scientific mission. Morgan wrote:

    For someone whose day job is supposed to be leading America’s scientific and medical war against Covid-19, he seems to have an incredible amount of spare time for self-promotional media interviews. As time has gone on, Fauci’s become more and more brazenly political in those interviews…

    “What he said in these new interviews should give every American serious [cause] for concern, not just about the latest COVID threat but about some of the outrageously partisan statements the country’s top doctor made,” Morgan added.

    During his interview on CBS, Fauci declared that criticism of him is actually criticism of science, characterizing himself as the field’s representative.

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    Anybody who’s looking at this carefully realizes that there’s a distinct anti-science flavor to this. If they get up and criticize science, nobody’s going to know what they’re talking about. But if they get up and really aim their bullets at Tony Fauci — people could recognize there’s a person there, so it’s easy to criticize. But they’re really criticizing science, because I represent science, and that’s dangerous.

    According to Morgan, Fauci’s words resemble that of a “religious leader berating non-believers than a scientist trying to grapple with a pandemic.”

    After exploring the many instances where Fauci got the science wrong during the pandemic, from his initial downplaying of masks to his sudden acceptance of vaccine mandates after previously dismissing them, Morgan advised Fauci to “put his ego away” and “shut the fuck up.”

    “Bottom line: if you want the American people to trust you, it’s not a good idea to accuse elected representatives of half the country of being lying crooks, however much you’ve been provoked,” said Morgan, concluding:

    The more he talks, the less many Americans either like or believe him. They just see a narcissistic blow-hard who likes the sound of his own voice and constantly changes his mind … If, as he insists, his only interest is in saving lives, then it’s time Anthony Fauci put his ego away, stayed off TV and shut the fuck up.

    Piers Morgan is far from the only one to publicly lambast Fauci in the wake of his CBS interview; on Sunday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said the doctor’s comments were the height of “absolute hubris.”

    “The absolute hubris of someone claiming THEY represent science. It’s astounding and alarming that a public health bureaucrat would even think to claim such a thing, especially one who has worked so hard to ignore the science of natural immunity,” Paul tweeted.

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