Toomey: There Was Only ‘One Democrat’ in Senate Willing to Oppose Spending Trillions with Massive Inflation


    On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) said that the Build Back Better reconciliation bill was “Bernie Sanders’ bill” and that there was only one Democrat in the Senate who was willing to oppose spending trillions of dollars with high inflation.

    Toomey stated, “I mean, I give Joe a lot of credit, the amount of abuse and flack he has taken from some of his colleagues, from the left wing all over America. It’s really pretty shocking when you think about it, here’s one Democrat in the United States Senate, one Democrat, who thinks maybe it’s not a good idea to turn America into a socialist welfare state. Maybe we should just pause here, especially at a time when we have a record-high amount of debt, inflation at [a] 40-year high, do we really want to spend many trillions more? Just, let’s have a pause, and they blow him up for that.”

    He added, “Let’s be honest, this is Bernie Sanders’ bill. And that’s why Bernie Sanders is so livid with Joe Manchin right now. There’s been no centrist and really, across the board, all of Joe Biden’s policies have been appeasing the radical left.”

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