Nolte: CNN’s 4th Quarter Primetime Viewership Collapses 73% to Just 642K


    That’s not a typo… CNNLOL is down 73 percent!


    CNN saw more declines than its cable news counterparts. The network averaged 492,000 total viewers across the 24-hour day time period (total day) in Q4 ’21, which places it at No. 6 on basic cable. The 492,000 is -18% from what the network averaged in Q3 ’21 and -67% from the Q4 of ’20. CNN also averaged 642,000 total viewers in primetime, placing it at No. 16. The 642,000 average is -22% from Q3 ’21, and -73% from Q4 of ’20, which had been a phenomenal quarter for the network featuring a presidential election campaign. [emphasis added]

    Compared to quarter four of last year, Fox News lost only 21 percent of its total day viewers and 37 percent of total primetime viewers.

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    MSNBC lost 53 percent of its total day viewers and 53 percent of its total primetime viewers.

    You expect a decline of some kind. After all, during the 4th quarter of last year, there was a presidential election. But CNN’s collapse of 67 percent(!) of total day viewers and 73 percent(!) of primetime viewers is nothing short of, well, glorious. CNN sucks and their slow death brings great joy to my life.

    CNN’s collapse is even more striking when you look at the raw numbers…


    Fox News: 1.444 million / 237,000
    MSNBC: 672,000 / 77,000
    CNN: 492,000 / 103,00


    Fox News: 2.366 million / 366,000
    MSNBC: 1.163 million / 138,000
    CNN: 642,000 / 138,000

    These numbers are almost too good to be true. CNN is averaging only 642,000 during primetime! That is pure karma for this bigoted hate outlet, this despicable dumpster fire of lies and conspiracy theories.

    In total primetime viewers, and in all of cable TV, Fox News landed in second place, behind only ESPN. MSNBC landed in fourth place. CNN, however, dropped to 16th place.

    In the 25-54 primetime age demo, CNN and MSNBC both collapsed to 27th place, while Fox News came in third place.

    CNN’s decline proves that not even a million Americans are interested in being serially lied to, deceived, insulted, and bamboozled. Smug and dishonest anchors combined with misinformation and disinformation is no way to run anything, much less something labeled a news channel.

    What CNN chief Jeff Zucker has done to destroy the CNN brand is beyond anything I thought possible. One of the country’s great brands is now a national punchline and earning fewer primetime viewers than the Food Network.


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