Virus Attacks Workers Not Vacationers According to AOC

    James Andrews1/

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cannot seem to keep her crooked nose in her own business and stay in her district. The drama queen politician has taken it upon herself to leave New York and flee to Florida, where it is warm, and people are not afraid to live with the COVID-19 virus. She fears walking around Washington D.C. and New York but seems fine with flying to Florida and engaging in mask-less activities.

    The nasty progressive still uses the COVID-19 virus to push her agenda, but her liberal actions tell a different story. She refuses to cast votes because of the virus, so she insists that she vote from home. But at the same time, she is willing to jump on a crowded jet and fly to the south, where people live without masks and enjoy the right to be free.

    Her actions have earned her the backlash of criticism indicative of her actions. And the only thing she could do was fire back with her snake tongue and rip at the people questioning her vacationing exploits at a time of pandemic overload in New York.

    The drama queen lives in a delusional state. She seems to think that Republicans want to date the wicked witch. The sad part was that was her defense for going to Florida.

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    The Daily Wire picked up on her exploits and stated that the “National Review reported that, according to photographs obtained by the publication, Ocasio-Cortez was ‘seated outside Doraku Sushi and Izakaya in Miami Beach Thursday afternoon, raising a cocktail in one hand and checking her phone in another.’”

    The loudmouth AOC fired back by stating, “‘ If Republicans are mad they can’t date me they can just say that instead of projecting their sexual frustrations onto my boyfriend’s feet,’ Ocasio-Cortez responded to one of the critics calling her out. ‘Ya creepy weirdos.’” As reported by the Daily Wire.

    Like a good Democrat, the AOC seeks to divert attention away from herself and towards the people she hates the most. She wants to live her life and do what she wants without having to answer for her crimes. By traveling to Florida in a time of great need in New York.

    The reckless representative believes that the Floridian governor should lock down the state and force businesses to close all because the cold virus is showing up on the scene just like it has done for hundreds of years. But as a Democrat, she believes that she has all the answers for life and somehow cures all diseases by running away from them and interfering with other people.

    Floridians have been enjoying the freedom of choice all through the pandemic. Ron DeSantis has refused to follow the pointless mandates pouring out of the liberal’s playbook. The COVID-19 numbers have all but stayed low, and hospitals have remained open. And the state has remained healthy and free.

    DeSantis welcomed the AOC to the land of freedom and sunshine in a message his administration sent to the meddling toddler. The AOC needed to come to warm weather because she could not stand eating in the cold and dodging all the liberal rules imposed on her by the Democratic governor of New York.

    Ocasio-Cortez cannot seem to do her job in Washington. She was found eating and drinking in public without taking any pointless precautions that her contemporaries demanded. She refuses to show up and vote in person, but she feels that she can run around in the sunshine and not think twice about the COVID-19 virus.

    If she is so concerned about the pandemic and the spread of the virus, one would expect her to mask up and isolate herself from others upon arriving in Florida to vacation. But when the nonsense is rolled back and the liberals get accurate with things, they are not as concerned about the virus as they like to make others believe. They use it as a ploy to snatch power and make life miserable for other people.

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