Dems Are Ashamed for Good Reason…Have a Look at Biden’s First Full Year Accomplishments

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    When Joe Biden tossed his name into the presidential hat he knew the muck and mire he was throwing himself into. At no time since April 12, 1861, when cousins started killing cousins in America’s four-year-long bloody civil war, had its citizens been so divided. He knew of the sickness that was relentlessly sucking the final breathes out of Americans with ventilator tubes shoved down their throats.

    But the old man had a vision. He saw a new America with better roads, bridges, aqueducts, and maybe a few cool Romanesque-type coliseums for curb appeal. If you build it back better, the people will come. They’ll unite in the splendor of what once laid in ruins. They’ll kiss and make up, which will only contribute to the further spread of a virus he has yet to do much about. But after a full year, Biden’s big plans to “Build Back Better” have yet to re-gravel a dirt driveway. And the virus is promising new and interesting strains for our future entertainment.

    Meanwhile in Russia, Putin is taking full advantage of America’s frail-minded leader. There’s never been a better time to teach those treasonous Ukrainians a lesson than the present. Even so, you can’t help but think the Russian madman is a little disappointed over Biden making the invasion so easy. It’s the only reason Putin’s been stalling. Nobody enjoys a good fight better than Vlad, and no country is more disappointed with Biden than Ukraine that’s about to get its donkey whooped.

    On Jan 20, 2021, Biden faced this sovereign nation and spit the following words through lustrous dentures, “End this uncivil war.”  His words came without instructions on how to accomplish this. Dripping the final glaze on the donut, Biden said, “We can overcome this virus.” Once again… 

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    As it always does, the midterm election year has arrived and some serious changes are in the political forecast. To begin with, there still remains an element of doubt as to the legitimacy of the 2020 election, completed investigations or not. It goes far deeper than the surface dusting it’s received.

    The only recourse for Republicans has been to clean up some outdated liberal voting laws that were largely responsible for Biden overtaking the White House. In having to do so, further disunity was created. The Righties have been applauding while the Lefties have been exploding in firey outrage.

    Biden erroneously thought he could force businesses to require employees to get the jab or submit to regular testing until the Supreme Court told him he didn’t have the authority to infringe on anyone’s God-given rights. He took the E for effort and moved on. Oh well…

    But, one of the things Biden has failed to move on to is about to have a huge negative impact on America’s child poverty rate. He dropped the ball on the monthly payments that were putting nutrition in these kids’ bellies. The program has proven itself to dramatically decrease child poverty percentages, but it’s back to square one and it’s through no fault of the soon-to-be malnourished children.

    Who can forget Obama’s words when he spoke on his buddy’s behalf during the 2020 election campaign. Referring to what he perceived the country’s major issues to be, Obama said, “You’re not going to have to think about them every single day. It just won’t be so exhausting. You’ll be able to go about your lives.”

    What Obama didn’t say was, “You’ll be able to go about your lives but you’ll still be getting sick and you’ll be broke because inflation is going to be a runaway train.”

    The midterms are worth watching and they’re well worth getting dressed and heading to your assigned voting station. Unless you’re okay with the status quo, in which case you probably wouldn’t be on this particular news site reading this particular article. So. There ya go.

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