Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Equates Gov. DeSantis to Hilter

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    World-renowned, the “Florida Man” has become a figment of American folklore, and not always for positive or even humorous tales. Instead, this time it’s Florida woman and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried making the headlines for her horrific accusations. While no stranger to controversy, Fried is making it very difficult for anyone who isn’t a hard leftist to get behind her.

    Speaking with Florida Public Radio on their “The Florida Roundup” show this past Friday, she made her feelings about current Governor and Republican Ron DeSantis well known, and crystal clear. “Growing up in Miami, and having neighbors that were Cubans, hearing stories of so many of our Floridians who have left dictatorships, and socialism, and communist countries, and coming here to the state of Florida for capitalism, for open opportunities to succeed. He is doing everything possible to take away power from local governments, taking away people’s ability to protest, making it harder to vote, talking about, you know, banning books. That’s what dictators do. Instead of listening and trying to govern with the people, he is trying to govern over the people…You know, I’m sorry — I’m a student of history too…I saw the rise of Hitler. I’ve learned of those stories.”

    While the host stopped her and asked her if she was comparing DeSantis to Hitler, Fried cut her off nearly instantly. “In a lot of ways, yes. I have studied Hitler and how he got to power, you know, wanting his own militia and having his own militia…The reason why this governor wants it is different than the other states that have been utilizing it for emergency purposes. This governor is doing it for the sole purpose of the power and doing so to make fear and instill that and blame people for what is happening in their lives, blaming certain parts of our society and our culture. And that’s exactly what Hitler did to the Jews back, you know, during World War II.”

    Fried has now officially crossed the line into complete insanity. To compare anyone to Hitler is one of the most ignorant things a person can do. Especially when there is little to nothing to form a comparison from. He’s not calling for the persecution of people from any religion or race. He’s not homophobic, or transphobic. He unlike Hitler successfully served our Country in armed conflict. He’s not a failed artist, and he’s not putting people in a ‘for us or against us’ only mindset. The only people forming those opinions are coming from the Democratic party.

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    It’s not all Nikki Fried’s fault that she feels this way. As the Commissioner of Agriculture, it is all too possible that she has just spent too much time around the caustic fertilizers that make up the tools in many of the Democrat endorsed “organic” farms and gardens. Other than that, there is little else to offer in the way of an explanation for such a horrific and incorrect comparison.

    The backlash Fried received was almost instantaneous and unrelenting. While she maintains her stance of him being a bad person, she has pulled back from the Hitler talk. Instead, she suggests her supporters pick whatever historical example they want to use. This is another dangerous idea, as her words should be taken at face value. Especially since she was allowed to clarify her words and stuck by every syllable.

    People like Nikki Fried are the biggest danger to our country and in her current situation the state of Florida. When politicians make outlandish, childish, and divisive claims like this makes for bigger problems for Americans on all sides. It doesn’t serve to unify her party, it doesn’t serve to make a point about DeSantis, and it doesn’t strengthen her platform. At this point the FL dept. of elections needs to be investigating her and her platform for improprieties.

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