FBI Performs 180* on Synagogue Terrorist After Massive Outcry

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    When the FBI assumes something about a case, we can assume they are most likely overlooking or completely ignoring some evidence. The Islamic takeover of a synagogue this past Saturday proved just how horrific they are at paying attention to details. Given the statements, the man said on a live stream (via the synagogue doing long-distance services), and his demands for an antisemitic Islamic terrorist being released, anyone with the IQ above a cabbage knew this was an incident of terrorism.

    Yet the FBI followed their playbook and refused to condemn the attack as terrorism because it wasn’t a white male. That finally changed on Monday as they humbled themselves and admitted they needed to change the perspective of the investigation. In a statement through Fox’s Jake Gibson, the FBI stated “This is a terrorism-related matter, in which the Jewish community was targeted, and is being investigated by the Joint Terrorism Task Force.”

    This statement should have been issued on Saturday night when the incident occurred. With how slow the FBI is to alert the JTTF in these situations we lose many possible leads for more information. England does not hesitate to make these designations, and the terrorism label gives British authorities more resources to dig into a person’s background. As such, they were able to identify two teenagers who may have in-depth knowledge of the terrorist who was also their father.

    While Malik Faisal Akram died at the scene (presumably at his own hand), the boys let authorities know he had truly begun to lose mental capacity as of recent. It gives some hope that this is just a one-off incident and not something to anticipate more of, but with how badly the FBI has been bumbling attacks on American soil it wouldn’t be a shocker to see more of these.

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    Given the religious makeup of the terrorist, his attempted victims (a Rabbi and four of his congregation), the Saturday timing (Shabbos/Shabbat or the Sabbath for the Jewish people), the demand for the immediate release of Aafia Siddiqui, also known as “Lady Al-Qaeda” who attacked US Soldiers (among other charges), and his repeated cries of death being the only way out were all signs that this was not random.

    The target was known and right down the road from where Siddiqui is being held. The victims are sworn enemies (in extremist circles) of Akram. The day of the week is incredibly holy and significant. The lady he wanted to be released is widely regarded as doing the most for Islamic terrorism of any woman and just shy of Osama Bin Laden himself. They could have admitted this to themselves that same evening and gotten JTTF to cooperate with British intel the same day. In turn that cooperation could have aided in ensuring this came to an end with him alive to face charges.

    I won’t lose any sleep over his life-ending. Most people won’t. While sympathy for his family is in order, and gratitude that nobody else was killed is there too, it would have been tenfold better to have him face the American justice system. H could have gotten help for his problems if he legitimately had mental problems, and we could have had more intel about who is providing rhetoric for terrorism. To learn how, where, and by who he was radicalized would have been an invaluable bit of intel to have.

    The FBI has been quick to call white men extremists, terrorists, and racists if anyone, but another white male is involved in a crime. In a situation, like we had Saturday we would have known his name, age, address, spouse’s name, kid’s names, banking info, voting history, and social media posts within 3 hours of him taking a hostage if he was a white male. The FBI is so concerned with being woke and protecting minorities that they have instead just become anti-white males.

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