Major Int’l Airline’s Cancel Flights to the U.S. While iPhone Users Get Their Fastest Speeds Ever…5G…Friend or Foe?

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    Ever-increasing last-minute flight delays are beating weary travelers half-to-death. They’ve become so commonplace they’re almost expected. There are so many planes vying for the same air space within only moments of one another that the slightest hiccup can result in total chaos. But the sky has suddenly become less crowded so this should help clear up the problem. But before you get too excited, don’t. This is only due to the never-before-witnessed enormous number of flight cancellations. Pop goes the bubble.

    You can thank America’s new speed-of-light 5G network for fueling up your iPhone at the same time you’re cursing it for causing your flight to be canceled. Almost every major international airline has canceled every U.S.-bound flight. Not delayed. Canceled. Until they’re absolutely certain of how 5G is going to play with current aircraft technology, no chances will be taken. This also means that anyone flying to any number of countries outside of the U.S. better plan on it being a one-way trip for now.

    Some of the airlines said they’ve received warnings concerning one of the most popular and widely flown aircraft in the industry, the Boeing 777. This aircraft is the main stable horse for the Dubai-based airlines, Emirates, a major player in East-West travel. The new highspeed 5G wireless network is believed to have thrown some quirks in several of its plane’s navigation systems that could have easily ended in disaster. 

    Some of the airlines said they would unbridle some of their other types of aircraft to fill the void, but they’ll still be operating with a thinner and less sophisticated herd.

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    Flight cancellations to the U.S.started popping up on airport screens around the world despite both AT&T and Verizon saying just one day earlier how they would delay building towers near major airports. Delay may not have been the right choice of words.

    Officials from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration have been keeping their eyes closely peeled for the first sign of 5G trouble. They’ve given the thumbs up for a great number of different types of aircraft to fly through 5G signals, but the Boeing 777 remains on the waiting list.

    Something akin to 5G is already operational in various locations throughout the world, but concessions were made. France requires a specified reduction in power of any network located within a particular radius of an airport. But as is our time-honored tradition, folks here in the U.S. got sumpin’ to say bout everything. 

    The challenge pits the tag teams of the Federal Communications Commission and telecom companies against the FAA and the airline industry. All worthy opponents with lots of clout and greenback. 

    Telecom companies keep forging ahead until someone tells them to stop, and international air carriers won’t fly into the U.S. until somebody tells them they safely can.

    Here’s why 5G is different from its predecessors. It relies on a signal that closely resembles the one used by radio altimeters in aircraft to determine the plane’s height from the ground. The instruments are essential for landing in low visibility situations.

    The FCC, the one’s who set the signal frequency, said it wouldn’t interfere with air traffic or airplane electronics. AT&T and Verizon shook their heads in agreement, but with so much to lose, why wouldn’t they? The choice between human lives and money is a no-brainer. Pfff…

    A representative from Emirates who in Pig-Latin indicated the airline was tired of losing money on grounded planes said, “We are working closely with aircraft manufacturers and the relevant authorities to alleviate operational concerns, and we hope to resume our U.S. services as soon as possible.”

    5G on your phone is cool and all that. Who doesn’t want to find their lost soul in the wilderness while posting every step of their private inward journey to enlightenment on their Facebook page? The airlines better show prepared to wrestle…We gots priorities… 

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