Dems Stage Another Walkout When They Don’t Get Their Way


    If you haven’t heard, there is a national discussion going on about racism in schools. Most of it is centered around what has become known as critical race theory, the idea that one’s race determines key things about one’s person, including how racist they are. Most notably, the theory teaches that whites of all backgrounds are at least on some level racist and are in constant need of “checking” their privilege as if the melanin in their cells creates feelings of hate towards those without it.

    To be sure, the idea is ludicrous, if not wholly dangerous to our society as a whole.

    As a result, multiple states have moved to ban theory from being taught in any and all state-funded schools.

    Mississippi is the most recent to adopt such a law.

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    It was put forward by Republican state Senator Michael McLendon, and most in the state’s legislature agreed with it.

    However, it would seem that a number of Democrats didn’t, of course.

    In fact, when it was put forward and then put to a passing vote, more than a few even got up and walked out in protest of the bill.


    Well, according to them, the point of the bill is completely moot, and so by putting it forward and then spending time to vote on it, Republicans as wasting the Senate’s time and money. It is moot because, according to these Democrats, CRT is not being taught in Mississippi schools and never has been. So, their reasoning is that there’s no need to ban something that’s not going on.

    As Democratic state Senator John Horhn told WLBT-TV, “I think the bill is going to put a chilling effect on that journey. I think it’s going to slow us down on coming together, and I think it’s going to drive a wedge between us that doesn’t need to be driven.” His colleague, Senator David Jordan agrees, saying that the legislature is “wasting so much time on something that is not even needed.”

    However, as we all know from the numerous stories and situations popping up all over the US, CRT has most definitely made its way into our schools. And it needs to be stopped before causing any more damage.

    According to the bill, it will prohibit any public, district, or charter schools in the state from teaching or “compelling” students that one race, religion, national origin, sex, or ethnicity is “inherently” inferior or superior to another. Neither will it be allowed to teach that, based on those characteristics, any individual should be treated differently, whether better or worse than others.

    Now, I don’t think it’s a stretch by any means to say that banning such teachings is a good thing. I mean, who wants their child to be taught that they are somehow inferior or less worthy of love, affection, respect, etc., just because of the way they were born or who their parents are?

    The answer is none of us.

    Critical race theory may say that it is a proponent of ending racism. But by insisting that one race, namely Caucasian, is inherently racist somehow, it supports the idea that it is less than the other races, and anyone included in it is not worthy of the same treatment or respect that someone with a darker skin tone is.

    As one of the most well-known civil rights activists of all time, Booker T. Washington, said, “No greater injury can be done to any youth than to let him feel that because he belongs to this or that race, he will be advanced in life regardless of his own merits or efforts.”

    If we start teaching our kids that their personalities, intellect, skills, and achievements don’t matter, we are essentially dooming our future to fail. Children will grow up with hate in their hearts, whether that be for the kid living across the street or themselves. Violence and crime will increase, we’ll become even more divided, and the world will eventually cease to even recognize true talent.

    We will essentially be going backward. We might as well start living in caves again, striking rocks together for warmth.

    Mississippi is simply trying to make sure that’s not the direction our nation is headed. And they are right to do, no matter what the Democrats think.


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