Schweizer: ‘Beijing Has Leverage’ over Biden Family — ‘This Demands Investigation’


    Schweizer, the author of Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win, said, “What we discovered is that some $31 million were provided to the Biden family by five individuals in China.”

    He continued, “Those individuals all have ties to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence. So what has been a story about corruption and cronyism increasingly is a story about spying, espionage, and national security.”

    Schweizer added, “This demands investigation. This is not just about politicians getting money from their office.”

    Hannity asked, “This dossier on Hunter, and they knew he was a drug addict. He liked to hire working women of that night. We will say it that way. Do you believe in all likelihood the odds are very high, China, Russia, Ukraine, and a lot of these countries have the Biden family compromised?”

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    Schweizer said, “Oh, absolutely, there’s no question. Look, if the Chinese ministry for state security is trying to engage in elite capture as they call it with the Bidens and $31 million has been provided, they would review it as a catastrophic intelligence failure if they did not achieve leverage on the Biden family. That is what makes this so troubling and requires investigation because if we don’t, the president is going to be basing decisions on his family financial interests and the fact that Beijing has leverage over his family.”

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