The Prez of the West Is Melting…It’s the Tag-Team of China, Russia, Iran, And N. Korea vs. Joe Biden

    Stefano Garau/

    Joe Biden is being picked on by the bullies of the world. They want to see which one of them he’ll take a swing at first, or if he has the courage to fight back at all. They’re also aware of how ganging up on the old guy spins his brain like a toy top. Biden is an old-school one issue at a time kind of guy whose slow and steady approach no longer wins any races. In their combined efforts to melt Biden’s brain, Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea are relentlessly tag-teaming him, and they’re pretty sure it’s starting to come to a rolling boil.

    Joe Biden made the unpopular decision to put 8,500 US troops on high alert for deployment to Ukraine while they’re still catching their breath from the last fight. Putin isn’t fond of there being a Western presence in the worthless neighboring country of Ukraine that once flew the flag of Russia. Ukraine’s largest exported product is animal fat which provides a mere .02% of what the US uses. Only the size of Texas, it’s hardly worth fighting over.

    Whether to sacrifice more US troops on foreign soil for small amounts of animal fat is but a portion of Biden’s many woes. He’s still sipping Saki with the Chinese while Noth Korea is waving new rockets in his face and Iran is going all willy-nilly with its nuclear program.

    As bad as Russia wants to reclaim Ukraine, China wants its rebellious Taiwan back. While Putin is stacking his soldiers on top of one another for a land assault, China has no other option than to approach its island target by land and sea.

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    Beijing has been flexing its muscles with warplane flyovers and small skirmishes at sea as all eyes are on Putin. If and when the Russian madman waves the starting flag causing Biden to unleash the American soldiers on standby, the fortune cookie will fall to the Chinese who’ll have an easy go of getting what they want.

    This becomes even more complex considering how North Korea’s rocketman won’t speak to Biden, but he will listen to the Chinese who his hermit nation has come to rely on. This places the prez in a precarious position. He needs the Chinese to do him a solid by talking some sense into Kim Jong Un, while at the same time threatening them over Taiwan. Oh, the tangled web…

    Then there’s the ever-messy Middle East the US can’t leave well enough alone. Their centuries-old battles should be of no concern to the US, but alas, they are. US forces based in Abu Dhabi just recently shot down some missiles fired at the Gulf emirate compliments of Iranian-funded Houthi rebels operating out of Yemen.

    By the US having somewhat of a friendly association with Saudi Arabia, all bets are off the table for renewed nuclear talks with Iran. The question is who will they turn to for assistance? China? Russia? At any rate, things are once again heating up as they will continue to do until earth one day explodes.

    With the rumor going around of how the US is quickly becoming a retreating world superpower, where does this leave us? The quick answer is nobody knows. This is frightening in and of itself considering how this is inclusive of our seemingly dementia-laden president who’s getting worse by the day.

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