Liberals Want To Block Girl’s Lawsuit From Going to Supreme Court Because It Would Hold Them Accountable for Her Rape


    The Democrats are worried that their secret sins will somehow come back and bite them right before the midterm elections. They are going to extreme lengths to try and hide under anything they can find. And such is the case for those involved in a massive scandal inside the Fairfax County Public Schools. The district wants the Supreme Court to let them have what is being called “one free rape” before any of their people can get into trouble.

    The National School Boards Association also chimed in and supported the idea because they see parents as terrorists. The NSBA targeted one example of a parent angry with the school because his daughter was raped while school was in session. In short, the school district wants the Supreme Court to keep them from being held responsible for letting the action happen.

    The sexual assault that happened to the young girl was a tragedy, and the parents have every right to sue the school system for its lack of concern and oversite of the school facilities. The Daily Wire reported that “The case places the NSBA and the Virginia school district up against the National Women’s Law Center, the Human Rights Campaign, the National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda, and other feminist, liberal, or survivors-rights groups, all of whom filed an opposing friend-of-the-court brief. National groups strongly interest in the case because the legal question could set a precedent that would insulate school systems and staff from liability for failing to take action after they learn about an alleged sexual assault on school grounds.”

    There is so much support for the girl that it seems highly unlikely that the school system will be given a pass for their lack of concern. The people who should have protected the girl left her to rot on her own after the rapist took something from her that she would never be able to get back.

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    The Shatter, the Silence group, noted clearly what the issue is all about. They wrote that The Fairfax County School Board has no shame. Board members plaster their equity commitments on Twitter and pass empty resolutions claiming that inclusion and civil rights guide their governance. In reality, they spend taxpayer money asking the Supreme Court to enshrine a ‘one free rape’ safe harbor for schools that fail to investigate allegations of student sexual abuse properly.”

    The school district fighting back shows that they hate students and do not care what happens to them. The district should have admitted it wrong and taken steps to correct the issue so it never happens again. But instead, they turned up their noses at the girl and let the other party walk away.

    The case is going to come down to semantics. The school system could have at least reached out to the violated family and offered their help to find counseling or legal advice. But there did not even want to do that. The report of the rape came up, and there was no investigation into the matter. Every public official must investigate and even report the potential of harm towards any child.

    The school district turned away and failed to report the incident and investigate whether any of the accusations were true. And when the girl’s father took the matter to court, the school went on the defense and said it was not their problem. And so far, one judge has sided with the girl and believes the case should move forward. But now that the school district has appealed, the matter will have to be decided by the Supreme Court.

    Democrats and liberals believe that they live above the law and should not have to be held accountable when terrible things happen around them. Their failure to report the matter and investigate was a massive disservice to the girl and her family. Their lack of responsibility to protect the kids in their care during school hours fails all parents around the country.

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