Florida Poll: Donald Trump Leads Joe Biden in Potential 2024 Race


    Trump holds a three-point advantage over Biden (47-44 percent) among Florida voters .

    Biden’s inferior poll numbers in a head-to-head matchup against Trump come as his approval rating in the Sunshine State is just 39 percent. A majority (53 percent) of Floridians disapprove of Biden.

    When Florida voters were asked whether the nation is on the right or wrong track, 58 percent said it was headed down the wrong track, while 28 percent said it was going correctly, a 30-point difference.

    Moreover, 57 percent disapproved of Biden’s economy. Nationwide, a Tuesday poll revealed only one percent of respondents believe Biden’s economy is excellent.

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    In January, inflation reached a 40-year high, and consumer sentiment tanked to the lowest level in a decade. Rents increased up to 40 percent in some cities in 2021; nationwide, average rents reportedly increased 14 percent, to $1,877.

    American wages have increased under Biden’s presidency, but not enough to keep up with the rising costs of living.

    Though wages have improved, inflation has outweighed the gains. According to the Labor Department, the average worker got a 2.4 percent pay decrease last year when inflation is factored in.

    Biden in 2020 campaigned on returning the economy back to normal, but Biden has failed to shut down the virus as promised and as a result, the economy has worsened.

    Biden’s management of the economy has included coronavirus chaos. Under Biden’s leadership, schools have closed, mandates have been implemented, and an overabundance of unemployment payments have been made.

    As a result, 75 percent of Americans said Biden’s economy was “not so good” or “poor,” according to an ABC News/Ipsos poll released Sunday.

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