Abortion Laws on the Line As Supreme Court Starts To Look


    Republican states are moving to protect life at all stages of development. The Democrats have done a massive disservice to life with their push to extinguish life. Joe Biden and his anti-life regime want to murder unborn children and hide the deed under the guise of it being a choice. The liberals want to murder children because they do not want to continue trying to poison those young minds with the deadly teachings of liberalism.

    Twenty-nine different states have taken up the task of working towards eliminating the issue from their borders. And now that the Supreme Court is getting to deal with Roe v. Wade and fix an issue that the liberals lobbied onto the country, these states are getting ready to kick abortion of their midst.

    The liberals are not going to give up their right to murder people. 17 Democratic-run states are trying to pass bills that will allow people to keep aborting their children.

    Each state is trying to work ahead and anticipate the outcome of the Supreme Court. Many think that they will rid the country of the injustice that has plagued the landscape for decades with a casualty rate of millions. The liberals are waging war on children, and there are no signs of stopping them.

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    But the battle for life is about to take a drastic new direction. The conservative court will take a look at the ruling. Newsmax found that the Washington Post would write “which declared laws unconstitutional if they impose an ‘undue burden’ on someone seeking an abortion before their fetus is viable outside of the womb. The anti-choice movement won’t need a workaround once Roe falls, but for now, [anti-abortion states are] using these creative and highly troubling tactics to get their agenda through.”

    Nerves are running high within the Democratic Party. They are feeling the death hold around their necks. They know that they will lose power later when the midterm elections are finished. They are nervous that the Supreme Court stands in its way to total domination.

    Governor Greg Abbott and a few other Republican governors have set a series of events that will demand a revisit to the abortion dilemma that has cost millions their lives. Innocent children are murdered for the sake of choice.

    The Democrats think they have the power to determine who gets to live and those that must die. They desire to create a sense of dependence on the federal level. People are being led to believe that the federal government has all the answers to problems. That kind of power will allow the liberals to determine which people are worthy of help and other services they want to present as free.

    But what they did not expect was the number of people that do not support abortion. Many of the states are making those changes necessary to make it impossible for any person to murder their baby. The youngest souls need protection from those who would otherwise snuff them out of existence.

    Joe Biden and his socialist gang want to institute a form of government that aligns with the rest of the enslaved world. Socialism means that they are trying to get their plan in place. They hide behind the issues of inflation, abortion, the pandemic, and any other issue they can devise.

    The nasty liberals have a form of a utopian society that they want to see instituted. It will be a place where they get to tell everyone what to do. Anyone who refuses to go along with their evil ways will pay a terrible price. The type of world they want to have is ruled by force and not freedom. And those little souls being left out and murdered are just the first wave of casualties yet to come if the liberals are free to do what they want to the American people.

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