MSNBC’s Wallace: Liz Cheney Saying ‘F the Laws’ — We Are Holding ‘Buffoon’ Trump Accountable


    MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace said Wednesday on “Deadline” that Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) is using the House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021 riot at the U.S. Capitol to say “F the law,” we are going to hold “dangerous buffoon” former President Donald Trump accountable.

    Wallace said, “I think the asymmetry of Trump has always been his greatest asset. You know, a campaign is set up to fact check someone. In the Republican primaries in 2015, the Jeb Bush campaign was ready to say, aha, but you weren’t for that tax policy, and Trump just went, you big fat — what did he call him? You know tired Jeb Bush, lying Ted Cruz.”

    She continued, “People bring pistols, and he brings a bazooka. So he’s also shot people, opponents in the political arena, out of the sky with, as you said, a more monstrous attack, a bigger sort of arsenal that would not just defeat the enemy in front of him but overpower everything else. I think what’s so uncomfortable is that institutions, news organizations, grapple with whether to call what he was saying lies. So while we’re trying to figure it out if it is a misstatement, a mistruth, doublespeak, or inconsistent, he’s just lying his way to seal up his base to not believe anybody but him.”

    She added, “He has now conditions his base to not believe in elections. Elections now do not matter. That’s where Liz Cheney seems to be drawing the line and bringing out an equally large arsenal by being the first person to say he’s going to get away with nothing, not potential violations of the Presidential Records Act, not potential witness tampering, not potential efforts to overthrow an election. She’s going for the whole package of sins which no one has ever done. People have said, ‘Oh, he’s obstructed justice, but we have got laws on the books at DOJ that says we can’t indict.’ Liz Cheney is saying F the laws we are going to hold this buffoon, this dangerous buffoon accountable once and for all.”

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