Why is the US Suddenly Attacking Ukraine?


    The U.S. seems to keep forgetting who its allies are. Every time we hear about the tension building between Russia and Ukraine, it is becoming more apparent that something is going to happen.

    But, what’s with attacking Ukraine all of a sudden? They are the ally here, and they need to be protected against anything that Russia may do at all costs.

    The only one who can decide whether an invasion will occur or not is Vladimir Putin. Yet, he is incredibly hush about his plans. Even those within the Russian government have no idea what the president will do.

    Now, if you listen to Biden and the rest of his administration, an invasion is imminent. It’s as if they want Russia to invade its neighbor.

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    There’s been more and more criticism of Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president. First, the White House’s Ukraine “expert,” Alexander Vindman, said that Zelensky is “unhelpful” and that he should be “preparing his people for what’s coming.”

    The White House has been taking quite a few shots at Zelensky, too, and that’s even more “unhelpful” simply because Ukraine is our ally. If they’re unprepared for an invasion, shouldn’t we be doing more to provide some support?

    One White House official said that Zelensky is “downplaying the risk of invasion, he’s asking for hundreds of millions of dollars in weapons to defend against one. We think it’s important to be open and candid about that threat.”

    Wouldn’t one think that the Ukrainian president knows more about the threat that Russia poses than Joe Biden? Zelensky seems to think so, but, alas, the Biden administration is all-knowing.

    The White House seems to think that they know what is best and what is going to happen. Yet, as they comment about how Ukraine is downplaying the risk, they also admit that Ukraine is asking for millions of dollars’ worth of weapons. It sounds like Ukraine knows just what kind of threat they’re up against, which is why they want the weapons to help defend themselves in the event that Russia does strike – which could happen at any moment.

    It really begs the question of what the U.S. is thinking here. Should we really be questioning Zelensky in such a public forum? Even if we thought that they are downplaying the possibility of an invasion, why would we let Russia be privy to that information? It would give Russia the green light to invade assuming that Ukraine isn’t sufficiently prepared.

    Does the Biden administration have an ulterior motive here? We are talking about the Democrats, and they’ve been known to do some shady, back-alley deals. Perhaps this is all a nefarious way to get back at Ukraine for even thinking about investigating a firm that employed Hunter Biden at the time. Perhaps this is a way to get into the good graces of Russia. Either way, it is not good for the U.S. as a whole – and we have to carefully watch as the White House continues to pick on Ukraine.

    Anything we say and do should be to de-escalate the tension between Russia and Ukraine. Instead, it’s like Biden is bored and wants to see a war happen as a way to keep himself amused. He doesn’t have to get his hands dirty, so what does he care about Russians and Ukrainians going at each other? A blood bath might be just what the old man needs to see before he leaves the White House.

    There’s the very real possibility that Russia has no plans to invade Ukraine. It may be done simply so that Ukraine lives in fear. It seems that the only one actually talking about invasion is the U.S.

    Maybe it’s time to remind Biden that Ukraine is our ally and, as such, it would not be a good idea to push Russia to invade the smaller country.

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