Freak-Out Syndrome Marks Democrats Ahead of Midterm Elections


    The desperate Democrats are freaking out now that the reality of the midterm elections is coming up fast. Across the nation, liberal destroyed territories are reversing mask mandates and vaccine enforcement simply because they need to win over their angry voter base. The liberals in the House could care less about people since all they care about is how much money they get to play around with.

    Now that the reality of the Democrat’s dastardly deeds has come back to bite them, the Senators that are most likely to lose their seats are looking for ways to smooth over relations with their voters. It is nothing more than an act since as soon as they get back into the office, they will dump those that voted for them until needed again.

    The latest move by these fakes is that some of the Senators have proposed a new bill that would remove the gas tax since the high prices are damaging the country. They want to temporarily remove the tax so the price will come down a few pennies. But that is just until they get back into the office, and then it is off to the races again abusing Americans.

    Mark Kelly and Maggie Hassan are the two fearful Senators that came out with what is being called the “Gas Prices Relief Act.” The proposed legislation would remove the 18.4 cents per gallon tax for 2022. And what that means is for a few pennies, these lazy goods for nothing liberals want votes in return.

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    Mark Kelly is one of many Senators that is fearing for his seat. He stated that “Arizonans are paying some of the highest prices for gas we have seen in years and it’s putting a strain on families who need to fill up the tank to get to work and school,” and that inflation is “really hurting Arizona families and families across the country. This bill will lower gas prices by suspending the federal gas tax through the end of the year to help Arizona families struggling with high costs for everything from gas to groceries.”

    The very idea that a few pennies will get the votes is absurd. It would be better for them to look for ways to open up drilling again and let America be free from the international oil market. President Donald Trump was able to put America on a path to energy independence by old man Biden wanted to destroy that work and put America back into buying foreign oil. That action by Biden is one reason why gas prices continue to rise around the nation.

    Maggie Hassan is another Democrat fearing a loss in 2022. She tried to make her case by stating, “This legislation is about making sure that we get Granite Staters relief at the gas pump. People are feeling a real pinch on everyday goods, and we must do more to help address rising costs, particularly the price of gas. We need to continue to think creatively about how we can find new ways to bring down costs, and this bill would do exactly that, making a tangible difference for workers and families.”

    A slight reduction in the gas tax is not the way to solve the long-term problem. There is no difference that this silly bill is going to do. People want lower prices moving forward and not just a treatment for a symptom. They want the cancer of liberalism and socialism rooted out of the political landscape.

    Joe Biden is the inflation president. His policies on economics stink and do not work. He may blame the consumer or the business owner, but only one conclusion can be reached when the facts are examined. And that Biden himself is solely responsible for the high prices and empty shelves around America.

    Inflation will keep getting worse the longer the old man and his worthless vice president sit in the office. A Republican-run White House, Senate, and House are the only way things will ever get better in America. No amount of liberal meddling will solve Biden’s abuse of Americans.

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