Elie Mystal: Kim Potter Two-Year Sentence Shows ‘Country Hates Black People’


    MSNBC regular and The Nation’s justice correspondent Elie Mystal said Friday on “The ReidOut” that former Minnesota police officer Kim Potter being sentenced to two years for the Daunte Wright’s manslaughter conviction showed that America hates black people.

    Addressing host Joy Reid, Mystal said, “Joy, this country hates us. This country hates black people, and we know it. We talk about it. We joke about it. We know what we’re up against. But sometimes that hatred that this country has for us really comes out and just takes your breath away, just grabs you by the neck and takes your breath away.”

    He added, “Today, Judge Regina Chu was that hatred, that icy hate around our throat. She was the spit in our face today. To have the unmitigated gall to sit up there in her courtroom and plead, cry out for sympathy for the killer in front of that boy’s mother. I don’t have words to describe how offensive that is, how hurtful that is. How unjust that is almost goes without saying. People are like. ‘Oh, she made a mistake, Potter made a mistake.’ Yeah, we have a sentencing guideline for this mistake. It’s called six to eight years. Why did she get two years? Somebody needs to answer me why she got two years. Of course, we all know why she got two years because she was a crying white woman. That’s why she got two years and not the six to eight years that her crime cried out for.”

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