Democrats Have Left the Doors Open at the Southern Border


    The lies coming from the Democratic Party continue to mount up as the midterm election draws closer. For the past year, the Nazi party has told America that they do not care about them, and they are going to abuse every person they can find. But now that things are heating up in the House, they want to come out and try to appear to be every person’s best friend.

    The southern border is the latest focus of the Democrats. For over a year, they have wanted to justify open borders so their future illegal group can vote in favor of them. But their goal of legalizing illegals to vote never took place. So, they must resort to telling lies about what they are in support of. And this time around, they claim that they do not support open borders.

    RedState found that Politico had acquired a report they put showing the truth regarding the behaviors of the Democrats about the open border concept. RedState wrote that “Politico published a report detailing how the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recommends various messaging strategies to counter the onslaught of criticisms coming from Republican politicians and conservative media. On immigration, an issue that has become an area of concern for American voters, the group is urging the party to start emphasizing the importance of border security and to deny that they support ‘open borders and amnesty.’”

    The psychotic Democrats are being told by their party leaders to lie about the border and their actions on it openly. And the entire reason behind the lies is to trick people into thinking they care with the hope that the voters will cast a Democratic vote based on the lies.

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    The Democrats still have not learned the lesson of working for the people. They refuse to admit that they want to selfish turn things around in America so they can be filthy rich and powerful while everyone else is condemned to live in poverty.

    RedState reported that Fox News revealed that “many Democrats have also backed a number of congressional efforts to grant amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. Democrats pushed for an immigration plan approved within days of President Biden’s inauguration, which eventually became the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021, and was headlined by an eight-year path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already in the country.”

    The Build Back Better nonsense and the prior bills were laws that would have given Biden the right to legalize illegals and help them become eligible to vote Democrat. He needs to flood the country and make it so illegals can vote, so he no longer has to duplicate ballots in the counting room.

    The Democrats know that they cannot pass immigration laws with a slim majority in the Senate. Instead, they have to hide their agenda in financial bills and hope that no one will catch them in the act of sneaking socialist ideas into law.

    The Democrats have also asked that the media ignore any story coming from the southern border. They are acting like communist China and refusing to report on anything that would make the left look like a bunch of liars. But that is precisely what they are, and there is no more proof of that fact than ever before.

    Joe Biden and his immigration regime have crippled ICE and stopped their ability to remove illegals from the country. Many liberal-run cities have become safe havens for the illegals because the Democrats have made it impossible for local law enforcement to cooperate with ICE.

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