Report: Democrat-Led States Have ‘Highest Gas Prices in the Country’


    “The new data comes just days after 25 Republican governors called on the White House to reverse energy policies that have kneecapped America’s domestic energy production,” according to the organization. “Experts say the rising cost of gas is related to the effect Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has on foreign oil supplies the Biden Administration has come to rely on.”

    The RGA cited data from the American Automobile Association (AAA) on the most expensive average costs of gas per gallon (as of Monday morning):

    California ($5.28)
    Hawaii ($4.69)
    Nevada ($4.52)
    Oregon ($4.46)
    Washington ($4.40)
    Illinois ($4.26)
    Connecticut ($4.21)
    New York ($4.20)
    Pennsylvania ($4.17)

    In contrast, nine out of the top ten states that have the lowest average cost of gas per gallon (as of Monday morning) are led by Republicans.

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    Missouri ($3.63)
    Oklahoma ($3.65)
    Arkansas ($3.69)
    South Dakota ($3.70)
    Iowa ($3.72)
    Texas ($3.73)
    Nebraska ($3.73)
    North Dakota ($3.73)
    Wyoming ($3.74)

    “Democrat governors are silent as more than two dozen Republican governors have called on Joe Biden to restore American energy independence and ease the burdens felt by every hard working American family,” RGA Communications Director Jesse Hunt said in a statement. “Amid record high inflation, the last thing American families need is even higher costs at the pump due to Democrat incompetence at home and now abroad. Voters are quickly finding out, if they hadn’t already, that life under Democrat control in their states is completely unaffordable.”

    GasBuddy also reported on Monday that the national average price of gasoline in the U.S broke the existing record coming in at $4.104 per gallon.

    “The previous all-time high was set back in 2008 at $4.103 per gallon, just ahead of the U.S. Great Recession and housing crisis,” the fuel savings platform reported. “The national average price of diesel is also nearing a new record, now at $4.63 per gallon, likely to break the record of $4.846 per gallon in the next two weeks.”

    The national average also saw its largest evert 7-day increase at 49.1 cents per gallon, “eclipsing the 49.0 cent weekly rise after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.”

    “Many gas price records have been broken due to Russia’s war on Ukraine, which has pushed Western countries to impose severe sanctions on Russia, curbing Russian exports of crude oil to the global market,” the report states, not including President Joe Biden’s unwillingness to boost domestic oil production.

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