Cruel: The World is Crumbling and VP Harris Couldn’t Care Less


    There’s a lot going on across the globe. We have illegal immigrants pouring into our southern border. Russia has declared war on Ukraine. And China is wondering when they should try to take back Taiwan.

    Every world leader should be focused on all of these issues. And most of them are.

    Oh, but not Kamala Harris. She has proven yet again that she doesn’t really care. She’s either completely clueless or self-absorbed. It’s likely a combination of the two. Unfortunately, she’s constantly on Twitter, which means that she shows off her ignorance to the rest of the world.

    “Let’s send the Equality Act to President Biden’s desk. We must increase protections for LGBTQ+ Americans across the country. The onslaught of state bills targeting transgender Americans and their families is wrong.”

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    That’s where Harris believes our attention needs to be at this moment – and she’s wrong about so much in such a small tweet.

    First of all, LGBTQ+ Americans already have protections. Same-sex marriages are legal, which means that they get their marital rights recognized, which is particularly helpful for obtaining healthcare. Harris makes it sound as though they don’t have any rights.

    What Harris really wants is for transgender individuals to stop getting picked on. She wants people who are biologically male to be given access to women’s restrooms, women’s sports, and more. And yet, there are countless stories to prove why that is such a bad idea.

    State bills are looking to protect Americans. All Americans.

    Most people within the LGBTQ+ community want to have the same rights as every other American. No more, no less. The problem is that there are people like Harris and other progressives who want to demand that LGBTQ+ people get more rights – such as being able to get out of jail simply because they changed their minds on their gender. That’s not the way the world works – and Harris should know that considering that she is a lawyer.

    We are supposed to be looking at legislation that benefits the most Americans. The reality is that transgender is not an issue for the average American. In fact, a study from UCLA shows that less than one percent of Americans identify themselves as transgender.

    Yet, Harris believes that the Equality Act needs to be crossing Biden’s desk right now.

    What about legislation that can impact EVEN MORE Americans? Gas prices are more than $5 a gallon in some parts of the country. The cost of rent has skyrocketed in some U.S. cities to the point that families are being forced into homelessness. And the cost of groceries is making it harder for many low-income families to eat a healthy, balanced meal anymore.

    That’s what Harris should be concerned about.

    President Biden doesn’t need to be looking at the Equality Act right now. He needs to figure out how to deal with Putin, who has decided it’s a good idea to bring the Soviet Union back together. Biden also needs to figure out how to shut the illegal activity at the southern border down.

    Clearly, he’s not getting help from VP Harris. She has forgotten her duties as the vice president. She’s not helping the country. She’s not even helping Americans. Instead, she’s focused on helping 0.6% of Americans so that they can feel as though the world isn’t out to get them.

    We need some serious help in our country – and it’s become obvious that Harris nor Biden care about any of it. It’s why they’re booting qualified military members over a vaccine mandate. And Congress is recessed even though they didn’t pass any kind of emergency aid for Ukraine.

    Fantastic, Kamala. Great job…

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