Hannity Says Vice President Harris is ‘Yakking It Up’ While We Are on the Edge of World War III


    Vice President Kamala Harris is at it again. Like a little girl in church, Harris just caught a case of the giggles and couldn’t stop laughing. Unfortunately, this took place while she was doing a joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda in Warsaw. And to make matters even worse, she expressed this inappropriate laughter after she was asked whether the United States will take in Ukrainian refugees. 

    The whole scene caused the former press secretary to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to say it would be a “tragedy” if she ever became president.

    Both Harris and Duda had been asked about America accepting Ukrainian refugees so that pressure might be lessened on Poland’s humanitarian resources. After the reporter asked the question, Harris, and Duda looked at each other as if they both expected the other to answer first. 

    OK,” Harris eventually answered. “A friend in need is a friend indeed,” the vice president added. And then she laughed out loud at her own line. After the awkward moment, Duda confirmed that he had already asked Harris to make the consular process go faster so that Ukrainian refugees with family in the United States could stay with them.

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    Needless to say, there was no shortage of people criticizing Harris for her outburst. The common theme was that this is not a “laughing matter.”

    Luliia Mendel, the former Zelensky spokesperson said in a tweet that it would be a “tragedy” if Harris ever won the presidency. 

    Benny Johnson from Turning Point USA tweeted that only Kamala Harris would find it “appropriate to laugh when talking about the topic of Ukrainian Refugees.” 

    George Papadopoulos, the former campaign aide of Donald Trump, remarked about Harris’ consistency during her dialogue with Poland’s leaders. He said, “She is awkwardly laughing. Again. Discussing refugees is no laughing matter. Why she laughs at this is deranged.”

    Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean said that there was nothing about any of this that is “funny.”

    But maybe the biggest gun criticizing the vice president was Fox News host Sean Hannity. He lashed out at Harris for her “laughing fit.”

    “She’s obviously in way, way, way over her head … [Harris] doesn’t really seem to have any grasp on much of anything. It’s pretty humiliating for the country,” Hannity said. 

    Hannity reminded his viewers that Vice President Harris was in Poland to tighten out ties with them and deal with disagreements regarding supplying fighter jets to assist Ukraine in their defense against Russian aggression. 

    The stakes for the meeting were high, she had to deal with an investigation into Russian war crimes and the future unity between the two nations. Harris was seen as unprepared for the press conference. 

    Here is one of her meandering responses: “We all watched the television coverage of just yesterday. That’s on top of everything else that we know and don’t know yet. Based on what we’ve just been able to see and because we’ve seen it or not, doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. But just limited to what we have seen.”

    Sean Hannity pointed out that the context for the press conference was Russia bombing maternity hospitals, whole neighborhoods being demolished, and mass graves with 70 people in them. He said that we have a humanitarian crisis in Eastern Europe that is “very serious.” 

    Hannity asked what we are going to do with the massive amount of refugees?

    Hannity leveled this criticism against Harris, ”Europe is on the edge of a potential world war that’s got to be avoided. And Kamala’s yakking it up, laughing it up and giggling without any ability to answer a simple, basic question. She never gave her an honest answer to that question. Americans here at home, abroad, everybody, the world deserves better.”

    Yes, we do, Sean. 

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