Ukrainian People Are Showing the World What True Patriotism Looks Like


    Joe Biden sits in his Oval Office and watches the chaos as it unfolds around the world. He believes that as long as he can keep the trouble from his front steps, he can clean his nose. But his reluctance to get involved in international affairs does not even measure up to the lack of patriotism that defines his political party.

    The Democratic Party hates America and the freedom that defines its shores. During Donald Trump’s term in office, the Democrats made it a point to fight him over every decision he tried to make for the country. They believed that he was determined to destroy America and pressure all liberals to flee the country. They have forgotten what it means for Americans to work together and to stand for making the country remarkable.

    The liberals cannot stand to see a country prospering while other nations around the world follow behind. Their loyalties are to those other nations that would seek to steal from America and abuse its people.

    The progressive liberals in the House have made it clear that they stand with the terrorists that attacked America on 9/11. Ilhan Omar has vocally thrown her patriotism to the Islamic terrorists. She would love to see them attack again and even target Israel along the way.

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    Patriotism may be lost within the Democratic Party, but it is not entirely lost worldwide. The Republican Party loves the United States, and patriotism is alive and well within its ranks. But every time the country faces an issue, the Democrats take up sides with the enemy. But American patriotism also should unify a country when attacked or a natural disaster threatens to take a person’s life.

    Joe Biden and his supporters could learn a thing or two from the war in Ukraine. Their country has different political parties, yet when faced with extinction as a people, they have banded themselves together and are fighting to protect their families and land. They have declared with a unified voice that a giant enemy will not beat them.

    That declaration is not just a bunch of pointless words. It is a bunch of words seen in how the leaders are fighting for freedom right along with everyone else. The former president of Ukraine was Petro Poroshenko, and he was found demonstrating by conviction what true patriotism looks like.

    The Ukrainian people are not about to wait for others to fight their war. When Joe Biden or NATO get their act together, Russia will have already won the war. But the people are fighting back, and the former president and current president are doing their part.

    Poroshenko stated, “We are not waiting for the NATO troops — NATO soldiers — but we definitely need everything from nutrition to ammunition, from anti-aircraft to anti-tank. Please deliver for us, not only anti-tank and anti-aircraft, but jet fighters especially. You should understand, we fight not only for our soil, we fight for the democracy — for the freedom and for the West.”

    The Ukrainian people understand that what they are fighting for is more significant than themselves. The right to be free and not be subjected to the horrors of communism hangs in the balance. Joe Biden forgets that freedom comes with a cost. He is more inclined to embrace communism and subject, everyone, to its iron boot than exhibit patriotism and stands up for what is right.

    Poroshenko has alluded that Putin will not stop with Ukraine. He has his eyes on the West and controls the continent of Europe. All he needs is the resources in Ukraine, and he will have what he needs to wage war on several fronts.

    Joe Biden needs to wake up and join the patriotism movement sweeping free nations worldwide. An evil dictator is once again on the move, and this time around, America cannot sit back and not do its part to defend freedom worldwide. It all starts with Biden making petitions to Congress that it is time to help push Russia back home.

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